United States Marines with Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, Marine Rotational Force Darwin and Australian Soldiers with Delta Company, 5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment met on the range for a training exercise. As part of their bilateral training, the Marines and soldiers swapped weapons systems for a day. See how the Australians fare with M4s and M27s while the Marines take aim with F88 Austeyrs. The post US Marines and Australian Soldiers swap weapons appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
An Arkansas State Police trooper is currently under investigation after a high speed pursuit ended with a police vehicle striking a lieutenant. Trooper Alan Aiken reported that his mistook Lt. John Overman for the fleeing suspect. Aiken struck Lt. Overman from behind with his vehicle knocking Overman to the ground. Aiken drew his weapon on the higher ranking officer and ordered him to get on the ground. Lt. Overman turned and identified himself to Aiken, who holstered his sidearm. Overman later filed a complaint against Aiken for failing to take the incident seriously. After being knocked to the ground, Lt. [More]
Dash cams are a wonderful thing. Not only do they protect drivers from insurance fraud, they provide the rest of the world with a great source of entertainment. In the video below, the pickup truck with a rear-facing camera is waiting at a light when the driver behind him takes his foot off the brake. The accident was minor, but the driver at fault does everything he can to shift the blame. “You reversed into me,” he exclaims. Fortunately film doesn’t lie, and it’s clear as day who is really at fault. Take a look and see for yourself. Would [More]
An elderly woman from Oklahoma identified only as Mrs. Newby made headlines this week after she killed 11 copperheads. Armed with a shotgun and a shovel, Mrs. Newby was ready to crush and blast the venomous intruders. Dubbed the “snake killer,” Mrs. Newby became a viral sensation after her neighbor Susan Thompson wrote the following on a now deleted Facebook post, “Mrs Newby killed 11 copperheads last night at her house ! She’s a snake killer if you need help call her ! She is 72 years old!” Susan included the following image with her post, (image source; Facebook/Susan Thompson) [More]
At this point I’m pretty sure there’s nothing Navy can’t do. When they’re not fighting bad guys and being all around awesome human beings, these guys like to entertain and it goes without saying they’re great at that as well. The thing I love the most about this is when one of the guys went to the audience and grabbed the master chief to dance with. You can tell that she loved it and he showed respect by properly addressing her by her rank afterwards. The only flaw with this video is that it ends too soon, I could watch [More]
With its amazing acoustics, the Lincoln Memorial is probably a great place for any singer to perform. However, anyone who’s ever visited it knows it’s not the quietest place on Earth for the majority of a day because of the hundreds of tourist present at any given moment. Still this lady decided to give it a go and let me tell you, the moment she started singing the entire venue went silent. It’s probably the single most patriotic moment I’ve ever seen on YouTube and I only wish I was there to hear this in person. Simply extraordinary. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
Before they can see their mom’s face and before they’re even born, babies form a bond with their mothers through the sense of hearing. However that’s one aspect of the world baby Charly wasn’t able to enjoy to the fullest. Pretty soon after she was born the doctors diagnosed a hearing impairment and recommended a hearing aid. I don’t think anyone expected Charly’s reaction when they turned it on for the first time. When she heard her mom’s voice for the first time the baby was overflowed with the new experience and the emotions she never felt before. Oh my [More]
Embroidery is a delicate art at the best of times, needing great accuracy and patience as well as a steady hand and eye for detail. The Russian artist known as Krista Decor takes it to the next level by choosing to stitch her intricate designs on to a delicate fabric called tulle. Tulle is a lightweight netting that is so fine it has an almost transparent look, one that makes embroidery appear like it is suspended in mid-air. Krista’s technique of haute couture embroidery was forged during an internship at V. Yudashkin, a fashion-house in Russia, and is inspired by nature. “Most of [More]
Hey! Lillie here to give you the theory for day 3 of Rowanstar’s week! The scene my sister Rachel is going to be drawing today is of a Rowanclaw leading ShadowClan into battle, in the dark of the night. I’ll read the scene to you now. It’s a bit from ShadowClan’s section in Battles of the Clans called, Rowanclaw’s Welcome. Enjoy! … That was very poetic. I don’t feel very welcomed though, Rowanclaw. You pretty much just spent two minutes telling us how edgy and shady Shadowclan is. But.. hey. It’s ShadowClan. Not Rainbows and Fairies Clan. So they get [More]
Ellen continued the Cat Week celebration by showing some very cute cats doing some very bad things.