Millions of us fortunate enough to have a roof over our heads are counting down to Christmas, but for countless others it’s a day just like any other when the most they can hope for is a warm meal at a local shelter. This man who lives in a tent underneath an overpass kept the Christmas spirit alive by putting a tree outside of his makeshift home… until they took it away from him. City sanitation threw his tree into the garbage just days before Christmas, but just when he lost all hope in human kindness and compassion, the community [More]
Uncles and Aunts are the best family, so when these smart twins got a huge craving for marshmallows they knew who to go to. Mom or dad would probably say no, but luckily they have the coolest uncle. They knew the answer will be “yes”, now the next question is “how many?” I just love how smart these girls are. They bang on the plate and are like hurry up and put those marshmallows here! Maybe it’s just me but I swear I could hear the little girl saying “We love them” at about 1:20 of the video. My heart [More]
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Richard and friends at Full Mag are back to test a failed experiment with an arrow and a .50 BMG round. In his first attempt, Richard missed the primer but tore through the brass and somehow ignited the powder. Things go a little differently with the help of a professional archer. The shot is good and the primer ignites, but simply blows out the back of the cartridge sending powder everywhere. The post Set off a .50 BMG with an arrow for the ultimate bull’s-eye appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
Warning: graphic content and violence. Though it seems real and from an action movie or video game, it’s actually a music video for a song by Biting Elbows. And it’s awesome. The post Awesome action movie in first person appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
This video has a little something for everyone. Everyone loves cute girls in bikinis firing fully automatic weapons right? The post Bikini babes go full auto appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
Click to unmute Source: Youtube If you love what you do, then it’s not a job anymore and Mehmet Gunes is living proof of that. His salon in Istanbul is visited mostly by dogs, but cats and guinea pigs also go there from time to time. Mehmet also records his memorable ‘clients’ and uploads those videos to Instagram where he already has 180,000 followers.
Former Navy SEAL Brent Gleeson speaking on the importance for leaders to develop their emotional intelligence to be better leaders. He touches on Self-awareness, discipline, empathy, and other emotional competences critical for effective leadership.
The universal appeal of music makes it one of the world’s most powerful art forms, and those who bring rows of little black notes to life are among the most gifted people on Earth. While some talent can be taught, most musicians are born with an innate capacity for playing in a way that really moves people. When it comes to this pianist, that couldn’t be more true. When you watch him play, you’ll first notice his skill. After that, however, you’ll see what makes this artist even more extraordinary. For artists who are born with a passion for creativity, [More]