✔ Are You a Cruel Dictator or Democratic Leader?

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What's This?

What kind of ruler are you? What leader are you?
What Villain Are You? Would you make a good leader?
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What evil villain are you? What is your leadership style?
What villain am I? What kind of leader are you? Super Villain.

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Joshua Ray says:

Rebellious! No way! I am Democratic! These quizzes are stupid! But I can't get enough of them!

unknown says:

Looking at my profile picture can you imagine what i am.

Whatswhat says:

What if you got 320

Elithale Tarba says:

I have a feeling that those who wrote the test, really massively overreacted while writing the "RUTHLESS" part.
"Few good things?" "Separating families?"
It's like, jumping to conclusions, mostly, the wrong conclusions, without getting into learning the facts about each type of "Leadership".
Just because people have different political "orientation" than others, doesn't make them evil or bad, both of the sides have their own total jerks (excuse me for bad language)? but both of the sides have their own best ones in their history .
So, please forgive me for my bad English, but I feel like someone just had to say that.

Lazy Boy Ali says:

just as expected a rebellious(before this just watched dictator )

I'm not gay says:

rebellious great a fucking emo kid..,, damn it

Stuff Going on says:

170 points and this is so accurate

Emil Merenheimo says:

okkAy. Even these questions diesnt have any logic….. Kill ten baby … what if babies grow up and all kill 10 people. And if you kill people you can still be democratic… BTW have you ever heard about Enlightened ?

Emil Merenheimo says:

Now watched yet… But think dictator cuz it is my dream XD

GreyedInterests says:

I'm rebellious! :3 very accurate!

Greeshma Khanna says:

I got 180 points

Tuba Khan says:

220 rebellious


im a rebellious

PCCTS, Knights Templar says:

Proud cultural Conservative REBEL! Fuck Political Correctness!

Okiedokie says:

I believe in Aristocracy. Also , it's not my fault that I would rather not save 10 babies than die myself. That's an almost impossible situation. Those babies are young and won't understand anything. But I would rather save an elderly person

John Jonson says:

130. I'll become the first hippie president of the United States of America

M MYLER says:

I've got 190 points

The Naked Argonian says:

I would call myself a "benevolent dictator". I believe in justice, equality, and the people's opinions, but ultimately the decisions would be up to me. 200 points.

FuzzyWuzaCat says:

I got 170

I don't let the law tell me what to do! it's just a coincidence that what the law tells me to do is what I want to do. TAKE THAT, LAW!

Cheshire Black says:

Goth kid IS NOT a Halloween costume!!!!! 😑😑😑😑😑

Skull Reaper says:

1. B -30 For the Empire!
2. C -10
3. C -20
4. B -30
5. A -10
6. C -10
7. C -10
8. C -10
9. B -20
10. A -20
160 .…..rebellious? well this very… very right and wrong at the same time…wtf?

Partisan Mapping says:

I'm democratic. I got 120.

Abir Khan says:

130 I'm a Democrat!

BO VINE TV says:


BO VINE TV says:


Grim Knight says:

Rebelious is way more evil than ruthless. Also believing in democracy dosen't make you good, one of the most fairest and noble rulers ever to live was a dictator (Julius).

Grantelbart says:

230 – Rebellious

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