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Hosted by Truman Bradley, a 1940s film actor and former war correspondent, each episode introduced stories which had an extrapolated scientific, or pseudo-scientific emphasis based on actual scientific data available in the 1950s. Typically, the story lines related to the life or work of scientists, engineers, inventors and explorers. The program concentrated on such concepts as space flight, robots, telepathy, flying saucers, time travel, and the intervention of extraterrestrials in human affairs. Airing a total of 78 25–26 min. episodes, the series was also known as Beyond the Limits in second run syndication during the 1960s and alternatively as Science [More]
UCS Science Network Hangout on careers in science policy
A compilation of the best 10 funny and smart video commercials featuring cats. (in a random order) If your favorite catvertising is missing, feel free to reply with a link.
برنامج مليىء بالاختبارات والأفكار الجديدة والاكتشافات http://mtv.com.lb/crazy_lab Crazy lab is an hour long family show filled with chemical trials and do it yourself experiments.An hour of explosions, laughter and surprises.
The winners of the 2014 Google Science Fair were announced on September 22nd at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City, CA, USA. Watch to find out who won each of the age categories and the Grand Prize, in addition to talks by some of the worlds leading thinkers (and a special appearance by a soccer playing robot).
The Science of Sleep, a playful romantic fantasy set inside the topsy-turvy brain of Stephane Miroux (Gael Garcia Bernal) an eccentric young man whose dreams constantly invade his waking life. Stephane pines for next-door neighbor, Stephanie (Charlotte Gainsbourg), but she becomes confused by his childishness and shaky connection to reality. Unable to find the secret to Stephanie’s heart while awake, Stephane searches for the answer in his dreams.
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Смешные Кошки 2014 Лучшая подборка №4 Funny Cats Compilation Смешные Кошки 2014 Лучшая подборка №4 Funny Cats Compilation Смешные…