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@oreillyfactor I would like to nominate @AlanColmes as the new mascot for Froot Loops. Can you help make that happen Mr. O'Reilly!? — steveno (@steveno88) October 3, 2014 Left wing pundit Alan Colmes—who never met a DNC talking point he didn’t repeat ad nauseum—was on The O’Reilly Factor tonight discussing the Ebola situation. He said that people who express concerns about the spread of the virus are “scare mongering and hurting the country.” It sounds like he thinks we should just trust our government to handle the situation. After all, that’s worked out so well the past few years. Another LEFTY [More]
Über nichts macht sich der Mensch lieber und ausführlicher Gedanken als über Sachen, die er eigentlich nicht genau weiß. Nur so ist die Beliebtheit von Verschwörungstheorien zu erklären.
Theatrical trailer from 1985. Directed by John Hughes. Starring Anthony Michael Hall, Bill Paxton, Judie Aronson and Kelly LeBrock. For more retro stuff visit us at
What makes you happy? Have you ever wondered why? Join us as we take an experimental approach on what makes people happier. Behind the Scenes of the episode! Watch The Science of Happiness – Episode 2 here! Check out the study here! Attach a video response to this video explaining what makes you happy, and you could be featured in a future Science of Happiness Video! SUBSCRIBE for new videos every weekday! Follow us on FACEBOOK: TWEET us at: Visit our WEBSITE: Buy our BOOK! CREDITS: Created by: Mike Bernstein & Matt [More]
Super Cool Science Experiments You Can Do At Home Part 2 = Music ✪ ✪ list of experiments: These science experiments will make you crazy. We had listed our best science experiments series gathered throughout the internet. Follow instructions in video and try these science experiments at home. Its easy, its fun. Let us know about y’r thoughts in comments. This science experiments looks like magic or illusion type, although we had worked hard to make also them layman familiar. Its like think brain tank. More you play Game, get smarter brain. Science of magic
Fresh from their interview in Studio Q, Mitchell and Gregory were in a musical kind of mood, so they sauntered over to Q’s grand piano and serenaded us with “The Science Love Song”. Enjoy! Subscribe: Q’s Homepage: Q on Twitter: Q on Facebook: Q is a magazine show that’s unpredictable in the best sense – proud to be “a wild mix of culture by way of Canada” as described by the New York Times. The Globe & Mail noted the show’s “raging popularity across a variety of platforms — podcasts, television, websites, satellite radio, terrestrial radio, [More]
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FUNNY CATS COMPILATION – Imágenes chistosas de gatos 2015 Imagenes libres de derechos para uso comercial. Derechos de uso: Que se puedan utilizar o compartir libremente, incluso con fines…
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