Italian Leadership Event con relatori d’eccezione come Flavio Briatore, Martina Colombari, Platinette, Fatma Ruffini, Giusy Versace, Don Mazzi, Gabriele Talin e ovviamente gli immancabili Sergio Borra e Roberto Re con tutto il suo staff! Buona visione!
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this is a tribute to the warrior cats who died, well not all of them, i just got the ones who died i very bad painful death and who lived a very painful life 😉 well i didnt add credits at the end just cuz i didnt want to, so yeah. i do not own anything but the video.
Featuring Leo Lee with 4 friends doing the Nobody dance for St Francis church camp 2009. Kind of a sequel to the tell me dance i did, this time i got a set.
ネコとぬいぐるみが一緒でどっちが縫いぐるみかわからない? そんな可笑しさのある動画をまとめました。コントラストの妙をお楽しみください。
Obama said on Letterman last night he's never called his opponent unpatriotic. Really? Let's go to the video tape! — Tim Miller (@Timodc) September 19, 2012 Before heading out to NYC club 40/40 to hobnob with Bey and Jay — that’s Beyoncé and Jay-Z  to you riffraff — President Obama swung by the set of “The Late Show” to rekindle his bromance with David Letterman. In addition to sending a message to the Muslim world (where they’re all about Letterman, natch), Obama told his pal Dave he would never ever try to call someone who disagreed with him “unpatriotic.” Pres Obama told Letterman its [More] “THE BBC. NOW WITH CATS.” Created by TomSka, Slomozovo (camera), InvaderDyku (art) and Incompetech (music)
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