Cat stuck in vase, haha so funny! goat riding a roller coaster, bunny takes a sink shower, dog doesn’t mind to be squirted in her mouth with water. Cats an. Scared cat, cat vs popkorn maker,…
funny cats 41 猫 おもしろ動画まとめ パート41です。
Spring… Cats… Village… Rural cats #1 (Funny Cats Compilation) FUNNY CUTE CAT VIDEOS Деревенские кошки (часть 1) Zhorik_life_HD Sonia_life_HD Borka_life_HD Cats_life_…
Hosted by Truman Bradley, a 1940s film actor and former war correspondent, each episode introduced stories which had an extrapolated scientific, or pseudo-scientific emphasis based on actual scientific data available in the 1950s. Typically, the story lines related to the life or work of scientists, engineers, inventors and explorers. The program concentrated on such concepts as space flight, robots, telepathy, flying saucers, time travel, and the intervention of extraterrestrials in human affairs. Airing a total of 78 25–26 min. episodes, the series was also known as Beyond the Limits in second run syndication during the 1960s and alternatively as Science [More]
Welcome to the final episode about crystals! This weeks lesson is split into 2 parts! First, we discuss Orgonite and Tower busting, Orgonite is pretty awesome and you can do a lot of good by moving it around! Then, we thought it would be beneficial to talk about what else we can do with crystals, as it seems very important to start moving them around right now. Crystals are very powerful, and they will have a massive influence on our evolution and growth if we put our energy into bringing these high frequencies into our lives! Written and Compiled by [More]
Make time for SCIENCE News!  What happened in science this week? Dr. Kiki, Justin, and Blair explore the world of science news with a few of the week’s popular stories:  What stories do you think should be discussed? Tell us in the comments! Watch live here on Google+ or check out our feed over at – we have a chatroom! Join us! Listen to the full episode in audio or check out the show notes at our website: ! Follow us on Twitter!@TWIScience Subscribe to us on YouTube! Support us on Patreon!
re-upload! xD Please enjoy this! This was my first humor vid! Please resub me! I’m Erickabff123! twitter; K3ZLYN
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Cats being silly and doing funny things.