Daily life can be such a drag. Every morning, you muster all your energy just to get through another day at work. Throughout the day, your social media feeds inform you of all the chaos, destruction, and sadness happening in your town and across the world. A bleak outlook soon starts to seep into your brain and all but extinguish the small flame of hope we attempt to keep lit inside us. So, when videos like this come up, it’s important to pay attention. In 7 minutes, you’ll be able to see that not everyone is terrible. In fact, there [More]
We only get to see movies in their completed form. You’ll only ever see the final cut, and maybe some deleted scenes on a DVD. Unless, of course, you happen to be friends with a filmmaker who lets you see the movie-making process. Needless to say, there are plenty of films that never make it to completion. Some get stalled in the concept phase, like the case of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Dune adaptation, which became the subject of a recent documentary. Some get through greenlighting and some of the filming process, only to fall apart later, leaving us with pieces of the project.  Here’s [More]
ppl in hollywood who fake like they oppose guns have more guns than normal ppl have. — Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) March 25, 2013 Jim Carrey takes some cheap shots at the late Charlton Heston in his new anti-gun video, but Heston had the last laugh during the L.A. riots when liberal neighbors in Hollywood came begging for firearms to defend themselves and their property. But are there more guns in Hollywood than the residents are letting on? Roseanne Barr says yes. @koreelove @therealroseanne Oh look, here I am with my shocked face on. — Verne Cotton (@vacotton1) March 25, 2013 [More]
Security concerns key in SecDef’s Afghan visit http://t.co/RkhIfv3y — ArmyTimes (@ArmyTimes) March 14, 2012 AP News Post via Army Times: Before Panetta came into the hall, Sgt. Maj. Brandon Hall told the more than 200 Marines in the room to take their weapons outside and leave them there. Afghan troops had already been told not to bring their guns in. “Something has come to light,” Hall told the troops. It was a highly unusual order, and some in the audience said they had never seen that happen before. Asked about the order, Hall said all he knew was that “I [More]
@Matthops82 WHAT IN THE BLUE HELL IS THIS SHITE? — Matthew Covey (@MattinBoise) June 24, 2014 This didn’t take long. http://twitter.com/#!/Matthops82/status/481552931783589888 Congress can't stop/won't stop. (Sorry, this had to be done.) https://t.co/1lbsHoZJoI — Michael Deppisch (@deppisch) June 24, 2014 .@deppisch is a genius. RT @deppisch: Congress can't stop/won't stop. (Sorry, this had to be done.) https://t.co/wpLFqJsqYb — Brandon Morse (@TheBrandonMorse) June 24, 2014 @matthops82 Yours is pretty great, though. @thebrandonmorse — Michael Deppisch (@deppisch) June 24, 2014 Ladies, you’re all pretty. *** Related ‘What the hell is going on here?’ Congress finds new way to terrify us [Vine, pics] Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/06/24/it-had-to-be-done-parodies-of-congressional-love-fest-begin-videos/
Cute animals are singing about signing up for #Obamacare? WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO?! #gamechanger — Daniel Wanke (@danielwanke) February 4, 2014 Still on the fence about signing up for Obamacare? This new ad campaign from the fine folks at Enroll America should change that: This video where cute animals try to get you to sign up for Obamacare is better than the Brosurance ads. http://t.co/z1UnrAkg14 — Chris Moody (@moody) February 4, 2014 This isn’t the first time Team Obamacare has turned to the animal kingdom to spark interest in enrollment. But based on the crappy signup numbers, the pictures [More]
The jury is still out on “selfies.” Some people love to take photos of themselves, while others are still on the fence. One couple, while vacationing, decided to take a selfie next to a tranquil lake… Then, they were interrupted by what was possibly a higher power. So, either God hates selfies, or just has a wicked sense of humor… (H/T: 22 Words) Make sure to share this with your friends using the buttons below. You know they’ll love it! Read more: http://viralnova.com/godly-selfie/
#VPDebate OK, time for a new hashtag. #ThingsThatMakeBidenLaugh Dog bites. — The Morning Spew (@TheMorningSpew) October 12, 2012 Vice President Joe Biden laughed a lot during tonight’s vice presidential debate. For an event that started out with a question about the terrorist attack which claimed the lives of four Americans, what exactly did he think was so darn funny? Twitter has some theories: #ThingsThatMakeBidenLaughEmbassies under attack. — The Morning Spew (@TheMorningSpew) October 12, 2012 #ThingsThatMakeBidenLaugh $16,000,000,000,000 debt — Cincinnatus Chili (@cincinchili) October 12, 2012 #ThingsthatmakeBidenlaugh Al Qaeda flag flying over our embassy. — James Madison (@SpiritOfMadison) October 12, 2012 #ThingsThatMakeBidenLaugh The [More]
When a hashtag on Twitter unites Alex Jones fans and Occupiers Just turn around and walk away..Slowly. — Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) May 25, 2013 It’s not just Occupiers and Alex Jones fans uniting for #MarchAgainstMonsanto. Hollyweird enviro-nannies are more than happy join forces with conspiracy kook Jones to “occupy the food supply” and promote their crusade against agricultural biotech giant Monsanto, a leading producer of genetically engineered seeds and herbicides. Genetically-modified crops make food cheaper and more plentiful. But try telling that to actress Eliza Dushku and her anti-GMO pals in the entertainment industry. Dushku retweeted Jones’ tweet promoting the May [More]
@seanhannity from a teacher, I just want to say Thank you, and your guests for exposing the truth about common core. continue to inform — Kim Monk (@kimmonk62) September 24, 2013 As Twitchy reported, a parent was escorted from a “forum” on Common Core and arrested on charges of second-degree assault of a police officer and disturbing a school operation. Sean Hannity helped spread the video on his show tonight, and he also reported that, according to the Baltimore Sun, those charges have been dropped. The Baltimore County state’s attorney’s office dropped assault charges Monday against Robert Small, who had been [More]