TSA nabs suspected al-Qaida operative — A 3-year-old boy in a wheelchair on his way to Disneyland http://t.co/MvNnGT3d — #kxly 4 News (@kxly4news) March 19, 2012 Not really, but watch the video tweeted by kxly4news: Meanwhile, TSA defends what happened in video: TSA pat-down of toddler in wheelchair not all it seems – WPIX http://t.co/hlY01xNC — PIX11 News (@PIX11News) March 20, 2012 It purportedly happened at O’Hare International Airport, according to text accompanying the video. Not true, according to a TSA official. It actually was at Midway Airport. The incident took place in the spring of 2010, well before the TSA [More]
Obama: "Why wouldn’t we want to close the loophole that allows as many as 40% of gun purchases to take place without a background check?" — White House Live (@WHLive) March 28, 2013 Well, would you look at that. It’s the Left’s favorite gun control scare-tistic, this time being recycled by President Fear-monger. Obama delivered a short speech about his gun control push Thursday. Naturally, he couldn’t manage his political theater performance without props: Enter Human Props. Enter POTUS. — GOP Fashionista™ (@GOPfashionista) March 28, 2013 Missed the presser. How many human shields did he bring today? — Rick Wilson [More]
Just recently, a video surfaced of a baby shortly after its birth via cesarean section. The birth wasn’t more remarkable than others, but what the little guy did after may melt your heart into a million little pieces. The nurses held the baby up to his mother’s face so that she could meet her child for the very first time. The baby’s response was so sweet. The baby hugged his mother’s face tightly. Daily Mail He knew just how much she loved him, even though they just met. Daily Mail The video says it all: Then, when the nurses tried [More]
Video of Big Labor Boss saying Walker views public workers as enemies worse than Osama Bin Laden http://t.co/dIzpih2b #wiright #tcot — Matt Batzel (@MattBatzel) June 4, 2012 More via Media Trackers – Wisconsin: A Sunday evening political rally in Milwaukee turned incendiary when a labor leader thundered, “and now we have watched people, including some politicians in this state, turn public employees into a worse enemy than Osama bin Laden.” The rally, hosted by the allegedly non-partisan liberal group Citizen Action of Wisconsin, featured a line-up of Democrats, liberals and labor leaders including Congresswomen Gwen Moore (D-Milwaukee) and the Reverend [More]
http://twitter.com/#!/Butterflytruth1/status/188249054537461760 Obama never did want to reach across the aisle…conservative women black-listed at #WomenEconForum….Obama can't TAKE the truth… — Champa (@champa911) April 6, 2012 The White House may have “misplaced” conservative women’s invitations to the Forum on Women and the Economy, but conservative participation in the forum is in full swing on Twitter this morning. So much for sneaking under the radar by scheduling the event on Good Friday. #WomenEconForum, the official hashtag for the event, began trending in the United States after the right side of the Twittersphere jumped in. #WomenEconForum: Apparently the liberals think they own this hashtag. [More]
Anyone else watching Senator Stacey Campfield make an ass out of himself on @piersmorgan? Dear lord. — Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) April 25, 2013 Piers Morgan made sure to put on his serious face tonight while scolding Tennessee Sen. Stacey Campfield for his call for pressure cooker control after the Boston Marathon bombings: exploiting a tragedy to score political points is no laughing matter, after all. In his self-appointed role as America’s conscience, Morgan concluded by laying the blame for America’s next mass shooting at the feet of “people like” Campfield. Uh oh. @piersmorgan and TN state sen Stacey Campfield getting [More]
http://twitter.com/#!/tomwalsh_93/status/218043019516055552 Well, that was quick. Remember the Vanity Fair poll earlier this month that favored Bruce Springsteen to write a new U.S. national anthem? Well, Lana Del Rey has come through. The singer’s nearly eight-minute video for “National Anthem,” released today, is quickly trending on Twitter. In the retro-flavored video, Del Rey, 26, evokes both Marilyn Monroe and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, while rapper A$AP stands in for President John F. Kennedy. Director Anthony Mandler presents us with a faithful Zapruder-style recreation of Kennedy’s assassination. MTV says that the video is “loaded with both social and political commentary.” But what does it all [More]
Sean Penn says the Tea Party members in Congress have a mental health problem and should be committed by executive order on Piers. Classic. — Matt Murphy (@MattMurph24) October 29, 2013 Classic Penn, anyway. We can always count on him to bring the crazy. Sean sat down last night with the illustrious Piers Morgan to discuss The Issues. Naturally, that pesky Tea Party came up: Transcript: Penn: Let’s go to the Tea Party influence on Congress and that stuff. I think there’s a mental health problem in Congress. This would be solved by committing them by executive order, I think, [More]
Violence against women is never ok! See new @UN_Women video, stats & how you can get involved in #BroThatsNotOK! http://t.co/cSd34EoNKB — United Nations (@UN) June 22, 2014 The United Nations is an organization that sees no irony in allowing  countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to sit on its Human Rights Council. Now we are to believe that the U.N. is concerned about violence against women. They may be unaware of that whole “honor killing” thing, but it’s ok, they’ve got a really hip hashtag: #BroThatsNotOK. So are they suggesting that violence against women is as inappropriate as nose picking or bad fashion choices? Bro, [More]
Angus T. Jones has character. You can't deny that, although some will try with predictable charges of "hypocrisy" http://t.co/6AHu57Hy — Herman Cain (@THEHermanCain) November 27, 2012 “Predictable” charges of hypocrisy? Like this one? So… Angus T. Jones is giving all the money back, right? — Fred C. (@oddnoc) November 27, 2012 Cain certainly called it. Angus T. Jones surprised a lot of people, including the producers of the hit CBS TV show “Two and a Half Men,” by appearing in a YouTube video and asking viewers not to watch the comedy, calling it “filth.” What would inspire an actor to [More]