When 5-year-old Sadie found out that her new baby brother wouldn’t stay so small forever, and one day would grow up, she had the most adorable life crises ever. I just love how her little brother keeps smiling at her the whole time. Not understanding what all the fuss is about… Awww.  You have to see this, it’s quite possibly the sweetest thing ever. (Source: Alex Miller) That’s a pretty deep insight for a kid so young. Obviously her reaction to aging is juvenile, but think about the gravity of her realization. She just linked together the concepts of growing, [More]
Today, I will be joining @NAPAWF to discuss my opposition to sex-selective abortion bans and how the #WHPA will end this deceptive practice. — Judy Chu (@RepJudyChu) September 24, 2014 Sex-selective abortion, which is banned in eight states, is the practice of aborting a pregnancy based upon the baby’s sex. Where the practice occurs, those aborted are usually girls. In essence, Rep. Chu, D-Calif., is defending the right of women to abort girls. Yay feminism! If you think sex-selective abortions occur only in Asia, guess again. Author Wesley J. Smith recently wondered “if pro abortion types would oppose banning eugenic gay-selection abortion if a test could detect the [More]
Some women prefer not to have their fathers walk them down the aisle on their wedding day, but this little girl won’t even have the chance to ask. At just four years old, her father is already refusing to fulfill that role on her big day. Seem shocking? This guy isn’t just being an overprotective father who doesn’t want to give his little girl away, though.  His reason is much more amazing. Grab some tissues before hitting play. You’re gonna need them. (via Little Things.) So incredibly touching. Chloe is clearly a lucky little lady. Share Dr. Levy’s heartwarming story with your [More]
glad they're boasting about their insurance benefits at the #SAGAwards…. — virgil c. (@virgie_virg) January 19, 2014 It was brief, but the members of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists received a quick reminder of their insurance benefits at Saturday night’s awards ceremony. Such a star-studded event would seem like the perfect place for the president’s Entertainment Advisory Council to remind people to get covered under Obamacare, but it looks like the union has that covered. I hope the Oscars also talk about dental insurance. #SAGAwards — Scott Sandell (@swsandell) January 19, 2014 http://twitter.com/#!/TweetB133/status/424715904476147714 [More]
Democratic National Committee Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz attempts to sell Antonio Villaraigosa to Doug…. http://t.co/PoH7GZBh — Doug & Terri-Rae (@DougAndTRae) April 3, 2012 Democratic politicians are used to suck-up treatment from California journalists. KABC’s Doug McIntyre broke from the herd and grilled DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz about Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s miserable public record. For once, Wasserman Schultz is left…speechless: McIntyre tweets about the nationwide buzz surrounding the showdown — and the Twitterverse is still atwitter. Well-done and well-deserved! Fox Nation has the best headline so far on Doug's interview with DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz:… http://t.co/vKSraSHm — Doug [More]
@markknoller @andreamsaul Just heard Obama ask "Where's my plan?" at this rally? Is there video? — Karen Braun (@SpunkyBraun) October 25, 2012 Oh, yes. Ask and you shall receive. Once again, the GOP Rapid Response Team comes through, this time with video of President Obama’s “Dude, where’s my plan?” moment at a Tampa Bay rally today. Dude, where’s your plan?VIDEO: Obama: “Where’s My Plan? … I Couldn’t Find My Plan” youtu.be/RjTrcb27Xmg — Ted Newton (@Ted_Newton) October 25, 2012 Light and airy. MT @chris_moody Obama’s booklet slipped off his lectern. “Where’s my plan?… I couldn’t find my plan.” — Seth (@dcseth) [More]
Bret Baier just reported that the freakin' DOJ seized the phone records of James Rosen's PARENTS! — John Nolte (@NolteNC) May 21, 2013 The net cast by the Department of Justice into the media pool just keeps getting bigger. The original story of Associated Press phone records being seized alone was enough to qualify as the Obama administration’s third big scandal of the moment, right up there with Benghazi and the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups. Then we learned that the Justice Department had looked into not only the work calls of Fox News’ James Rosen, but his personal cell [More]
Sirens sounding in Wichita area find shelter now. #kswx — RedCrossServingKS (@WichitaRedCross) April 15, 2012 Damage at the Wichita airport hangers are hanging wide open luggage carts flipped across the airport — James Spann (@spann) April 15, 2012 Damage to machine shop in Wichita with people working inside. — Mike Bettes (@mikebettes) April 15, 2012 Hearing chatter about people trapped in a burning building, and another building collapsed in wake of Wichita tornado. — Robert Reese (@WCIArreese) April 15, 2012 Public safety in Wichita declaring the Oaklawn area a crisis area…damage assessment underway.. — Jimmy Carter (@askjimmycarter) April 15, 2012 [More]
Kathryn just asked me if Barack Obama is on Mt. Rushmore. #KathrynsGoldenMoments — Mátt (@mattyhill96) January 13, 2013 Kathryn’s confusion is excusable. The way some of Barack Obama’s supporters are talking, it’s just a matter of time. The response to this idea on Twitter was, shall we say, unenthusiastic. sharptonobama on mt rushmoreI WOULD LAUGH IF I WERE NOT UPCHUCKING — Irene R Martin (@irene4959R) January 13, 2013 MSNBC debated on TV whether Obama or Clinton should be the next president put on Mt Rushmore… Reagan deserves 100x over before Obama. — Grant Jones (@GrantTJones) January 13, 2013 I can’t [More]
I can't remember ever groaning in as much pain at a pun as I did at tonight's Double Jeopardy category: "THAT'S WHAT CHE SAID." — Douglas Bell (@dbelldc) May 6, 2013 @michellemalkin ICYMI: #Jeopardyparades leftist agenda once again with “That’s What CHE Said” category. #CheGuevara twitpic.com/cot954 — TexasTsunami (@TexasTsunami) May 7, 2013 @jeopardy I love how your categories were “This is huge” followed by “That’s what Che said”.Fantastic work.#stayclassy — Rob Campbell (@RCampbell01) May 6, 2013 actually whole category about Che #jeopardy — Liza Bell (@LMelBell) May 6, 2013 Yes, there was actually a whole College Jeopardy! category on commie [More]