The marketing team for Snickers Australia (which presumably sells candy bars that are exactly like Snickers except when you throw them they come back to you) decided to make a fun little take on their “You’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign. They had city construction workers yell to women all the sexy, sexy things they want to do to the current state of gender dynamics. See the whole video below: I want to see their boss be like, “Dammit boys, stop empowering women with your supportive words and get back to work!”  If this made your day, give this [More]
There’s something really special about finding someone you can be a huge dork with. Life is serious in a lot of ways, so being silly with someone you love is so important! It seems these kids were lucky enough to find that special kind of someone. This car’s dashboard camera captured a pair of Korean students walking back home after class. Together, they break into a cute little jive in the streets. For everyone that ever read one of those motivational posts/posters/tweets/etc telling you to dance like no one is watching…this is what they mean. Dance on, youngsters! (Source: Rupi Kim) I [More]
Just got back from the Seattle Center snowball fight. New world record! — colby jordan (@kolebee) January 13, 2013 How cool! Seattle breaks the Guinness World Record for the largest snowball fight as almost 6,000 participate. World record snowball fight success! Thanks @snowday for an awesome event! #SeattleSnowDay #Igers_Seattle #wearejuxt… — Michaela Rose (@yoMichaela) January 13, 2013 aw a massive snowball fight in Seattle, that sounds super super fun. — Iman(@Imaanla7) January 13, 2013 Love this MT @joshtrujillo: Congrats, Seattle, world record holder, largest snowball fight! — Jim Brunner (@Jim_Brunner) January 13, 2013 5000 people showed up [More]
Stephanie Cutter says Benghazi is only an issue "because of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan." — Andrew Kaczynski (@BuzzFeedAndrew) October 11, 2012 This is beyond the pale. Lying liar who lies, Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter, said that Benghazi is only an issue because of Romney and Ryan. The four Americans slain? Bumps in the road and all Romney’s fault. According to Stephanie Cutter, Benghazi is only an issue because of Mitt Romney, not because it was a “terrorist attack” — Joe Pounder (@PounderFile) October 11, 2012 The moral bankruptcy is staggering. Everything is a means to an end, even [More]
It's amazing that anyone would actively discourage people from signing up for health insurance. Hope you pay for their medical bills too. — John Legend (@johnlegend) March 31, 2014 And it’s even more amazing that policymakers would force people out of health insurance plans that they like and want to keep. The website is broken, you shill! RT @johnlegend: TODAY is the last day to #GetCovered! Go to now. — Savannah (@thesavvy) March 31, 2014 Dear @JohnLegend, I’ll sign up for #Obamacare right after you do, deal? – @thesavvy @instapundit — Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) March 31, 2014 Legend, whose song [More]!/captainjanks/status/226263082991747072 Longtime Howard Stern fan/sidekick “Captain Janks” called in to KUSA-TV posing as police officer “Chief Oates.” He falsely claimed that a fifteenth victim died as a result of last night’s shootings. “He was actually very angry,” Janks said of the purported shooting victim, “because he lost on America’s Got Talent and Howard Stern voted him down.” Howard Stern has long argued that prank calls such as this one serve a social purpose by exposing the media’s lax quality controls. A few Stern fans spoke out in support of Janks: #rip to all the victims in Colo.. but @captainjanks [More]
Bob Costas: "Redskins can't possibly honor a heritage… It's an insult, a slur, no matter how benign the present-day intent." — Jeremy Stahl (@JeremyStahl) October 14, 2013 We’d hoped Bob Costas would have decided not to wade into the controversy pool anymore after last year’s halftime anti-gun lecture, but it was not to be. At halftime of the Washington/Dallas game, Costas took the opportunity to offer his opinion of the name “Redskins”: I love Bob Costas, I've had the honor to meet him. He's active in the St. Louis Community, I hate that he's turning into Keith Olbermann. — Andrea [More]
Episode 32 – Beyond Return. First broadcast December 3, 1955. Stars Zachary Scott, Joan Vohs, Peter Hanson. Science Fiction Theatre was an American science fiction anthology series that aired in syndication from April 1955 to April 1957. Hosted by Truman Bradley, a 1940s film actor and former war correspondent, each episode introduced stories which had an extrapolated scientific, or pseudo-scientific emphasis based on actual scientific data available in the 1950s. Typically, the storylines related to the life or work of scientists, engineers, inventors and explorers. The program concentrated on such concepts as space flight, robots, telepathy, flying saucers, time travel, [More]
Joshua Hanlon and Matthew Kay from give you a tour of the world’s largest permanent minifigure-scale LEGO display, the Millyard Project at the SEE Science Center in Manchester, New Hampshire. Full tour of BrickFair New England: Much more from BrickFair Virginia 2014: This video is brought to you by Music by Kevin Macleod. — Subscribe to Beyond the Brick on YouTube – Circle Beyond the Brick on Google+ – Follow Beyond the Brick on Twitter – Like Beyond the Brick on Facebook:
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