Headed to Annapolis this morning to protect our Second Amendment Rights!! #MDgungrab — TJ Sanner (@BAYDOGSMD) February 6, 2013 Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley doesn’t care much for the Second Amendment, and to that end, he’s hoping to tighten the vise around legal gun owners. O’Malley claims to want to keep guns out of criminals’ hands, but in reality, the legislation he proposes will only hurt the lawful: Mr. O’Malley, a Democrat, will testify before the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee in favor of his bill, which would also ban assault weapons, limit magazine capacities to 10 rounds and require prospective gun buyers to [More]
In my dealings with the IRS, I've never felt like a "customer" MT @FreedomWorks: "We provided horrible customer service here" Miller #IRS — Fingers Malloy (@FingersMalloy) May 17, 2013 You can’t make this stuff up. Reality-challenged acting IRS chief Steven Miller continued his testimony this morning and actually put forward this explanation for why his agency targeted conservative groups. IRS’ Miller: “We provided horrible customer service.” – that might be best quote of the day. customer service? — Jon Ward (@jonward11) May 17, 2013 Acting IRS chief says about targeting of GOP groups: “We provided horrible customer service here” — [More]
The whole thing about waterfalls is that they are supposed to, uh, fall. This waterfall, located in England’s Derbyshire Peak District, is even called the Kinder Downfall, implying a certain direction of the water’s flow. Typically, the 30-meter waterfall is happy to follow these specifications. However, there were some incredibly strong winds in the region recently, and, well, this happened: That’s right. The wind was so strong that it actually swept the falling water back up the rocks. The updraft made it look like the waterfall was pouring the other way, with the droplets of water rising up towards the sky.  Rod [More]
BREAKING: confirmed explosion in qasyoon mountain targets military base. #Syria — Alexander Page (@RamiJarrah) May 4, 2013 A day after Israel reportedly launched an attack on a “consignment of advanced, long-range, ground-to-ground missiles destined for Hezbollah,” explosions are again being reported in Syria, this time on Mount Qasioun, overlooking Damascus. Unconfirmed video has already been uploaded to YouTube. Photo of explosion via@zaidbenjamintwitter.com/zaidbenjamin/s… cc @lrozen#Syria — Nervana Mahmoud (@Nervana_1) May 4, 2013 #Syria Video of the explosion on Mount Qassyoon… wp.me/p2vyM7-IrR — yalla souriya (@YallaSouriya) May 4, 2013 #Damascus just trembled and shook under a huge explosion, literally #Syria. — Hala Jaber (@HalaJaber) May [More]
Hicks: I've been demoted from Deputy Chief of Mission to desk officer #Benghazi — Shannon Bream (@ShannonBream) May 8, 2013 The truth is evidently too inconvenient for the State Department. This afternoon, Gregory Hicks testified that after he questioned Susan Rice and the State Department’s post-Benghazi talking points, he has “effectively been demoted from deputy chief of mission to desk officer.” Hicks said he was demoted from deputy chief of mission to a desk officer, said sudden criticism happened after Qs of Rice #Benghazi — Tasha Diakides (@TashaCNN) May 8, 2013 Hicks notes that he was effectively demoted to desk [More]
Three years ago, Paul McCarthy began searching for an inexpensive yet functional prosthetic hand for his son Leon, who was born without fingers on one of his hands. After coming across a video online with detailed instructions on how to use a 3D printer to specifically create prosthetic hands, he had a brilliant idea. This dad decided to create a custom hand that would eventually help his son with little things we normally take for granted, like picking up a water bottle or riding a bike. (Source: CBS Evening News) A normal prosthesis would have cost the family in upwards [More]
Dana is going to shred beckel. — Dr Hugo Hackenbush (@MangyLover) May 9, 2013 She shredded him, all right. And it was glorious. This afternoon on “The Five,” Beckel attempted to compare Benghazigate to events that took place during the Bush Administration. Big mistake.  Perino absolutely tore into her co-host for his raging case of Bush Derangement Syndrome and for suggesting that Republicans’ outrage over Benghazi is overblown: Wow. Beckel might need to go to court for a restraining order to get Dana Perino out of his face. You go, girl! — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) May 9, 2013 Wow [More]
I'm not a fat white lazy whiner-i am a fat white lazy doer! I am out there-serving my country. we need to care for our own people, right now — Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) October 14, 2012 No, we didn’t call Peace and Freedom presidential candidate Roseanne Barr fat and lazy — we wouldn’t dare, particularly after lazy was added to the ever-expanding Handbook of Racial Code Words. Those are the candidate’s own words, though she calls herself a fat, white, lazy doer in service of her country. We’ll leave it to expert Bill Maher to determine if Barr is too [More]
FLASHBACK: VIDEO: Obama In 2007 Decried The Use Of Executive Privilege "To Hide Behind" http://t.co/Z5YjkE5W — Kirsten Kukowski (@kakukowski) June 20, 2012 After President Obama asserted executive privilege to bury subpoenaed Fast and Furious documents today, the Republican National Committee tweeted a 2007 video in which candidate Obama decried the use of executive privilege. GOP rapid response for the win. GOP quickly tweeting out Obama comments from 2007 where he criticizes Bush White House claim of Executive Privilege — Jamie Dupree (@jamiedupree) June 20, 2012 In the video clip, Larry King asks Obama, “Do you favor executive privilege?” Here’s the [More]