We’re taught by society from a young age that Pitbulls are dangerous animals that should be avoided at all costs. They’re killing machines, bred for only one purpose. And it doesn’t even matter if the one you see everyday has been sweet to you on many occasions. They could snap at any moment. Well, while there is no denying that some Pitbulls are in fact dangerous, these are only the ones who’ve been literally trained to fight their whole lives. The ones who had no choice in the matter, the ones whose only crime is having an owner who abused [More]
When normal people get frightened, it can be amusing. when it happens to celebrities? It’s hilarious. Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler were answering some press questions at a movie premiere, when Jennifer noticed something. One of the reporters kept on crouching down, so she asked the man why… neither her nor Sandler were ready for the response. As it turns out, the reporter was a giant. The actors’ reaction to height is absolutely hilarious, check it out: (Source: Brad Blanks) If anybody was wondering, the reporter (Brad Blanks) is 6’4″ tall. That isn’t too tall, but as we all know, [More]
Peaceful protest right now, outside #LAPD HQ! The address is Los Angeles Police Department 100 W 1st St, Los Angeles! Join Us! #Dorner — Anonymous (@YourAnonNews) February 16, 2013 A small group of protesters descended on the Los Angeles Police Department this afternoon to draw attention to allegations of corruption inside the police force. While several members of the media, academics and others have tried to walk the fine line of denouncing Christopher Dorner’s actions while supporting his “message,” only a few turned out in person to confront the police today. Chris #Dorner supporters rally outside LAPD headquarters, claim he [More]
Congrats to my friend @megynkelly & her brilliant hubby @DougBrunt ! What timeslot will Baby Kelly get on @FoxNews ? #LetTheGossipBegin! — Melissa Francis (@MelissaAFrancis) July 26, 2013 Wonderful news! Megyn Kelly and her husband Doug have welcomed their third child into the world. They’ve named him Thatcher, and in Kelly’s own words, he’s “totally awesome”: Congratulations are pouring in: @megynkelly Congratulations!!! and God bless and be with baby Thatcher — Donlyn Turnbull (@DonlynTurnbull) July 26, 2013 @megynkelly Congratulations, Megyn, on your new little son. May God bless him always:) — Jane Hunt (@JaneJanehunt49) July 26, 2013 @megynkelly congrats on [More]
After a bad storm, Bigbird the pelican was found on the shore, injured and separated from his parents. He desperately needed rescuing, so the staff at Greystoke Mahale helped him out. Bigbired was accidentally separated from his flock, but thanks to his newfound friends he would be able to learn to live a normal life. They taught him to fly by running up and down the beach and flapping their arms. Thankfully, this silly exercise ended up being a success! Bigbird needed some help getting back into the air after the storm. His rescuers prepared him well! With the help [More]
#VoteReady Great video of my dear friend! "Voting Gangnam Style – Starring Innonim & Congressman John Lewis" http://t.co/8yQJXFBT — Charles Rangel (@cbrangel) October 22, 2012 Our beloved Congressman John Lewis goes Voting Gangnam Style.Watch it. fb.me/2l4LQexDv — Hamilton County Dems (@HCDemsTN) October 20, 2012 Voter advocacy groups 18 Million and Rising and the Asian American Legal Advocacy Center teamed up with Georgia Rep. John Lewis for a “Gangnam Style”-inspired video encouraging Asian Americans to vote (for Democrats). Behold: Ummm.Okay.Politics aside, do you think this will be an effective campaign strategy?Or is there such a thing… fb.me/2gJYmO6k9 — Casey Jordan (@DrCaseyJordan) October [More]
Jason Smith of the #Hornets was suspended 2 games for basically a #bounty type hit on Blake Griffin! #Clippers #NBA — Daniel Trawick (@TheSportsHound) March 23, 2012 From ESPN: The NBA has suspended New Orleans Hornets forward Jason Smith two games for his Thursday night body check on Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin, according to sources with knowledge of the league’s decision. Smith was ejected for the foul late in the league-owned Hornets’ victory over the Clippers in Chris Paul’s return to New Orleans. A suspension was widely expected Friday because Smith made no attempt to make a play [More]
"Please take your seats otherwise Clint Eastwood will yell at them" Obama opens. — Jonathan Wald (@jonathanwald) October 19, 2012 President Obama and Mitt Romney traded jokes tonight at the white-tie Alfred Smith Dinner in New York City, held by the Catholic Archdiocese of New York to raise money for needy children. The media let us know before the first presidential debate that there would be no “zingers” in Denver, but the barbs were flying tonight. Who are these guys checking me out at the Al Smith dinner? Yeeesh!instagr.am/p/Q8ngYIyZD8/ — Katie Couric (@katiecouric) October 19, 2012 Obama was first to speak [More]
"Man, Obama sure kicked ass at that press conference today." -One person in the whole universe. https://t.co/aGJJm57MOl — Leon Wolf (@LeonHWolf) November 14, 2013 If anybody thought President Obama had a good day, you just knew it would be Salon’s Joan Walsh: The president strikes back: Insurance companies get their comeuppance. I like Mr. @brianbeutler's take here: http://t.co/QBzn0181IH — Joan Walsh (@joanwalsh) November 14, 2013 “The president strikes back,” against the disastrous effect of his own law? The DNC already thanked him for that. @joanwalsh Their comeuppance for complying with #Obamacare? @exjon — FishUnderTheSea (@FishUnderTheSea) November 14, 2013 A lot [More]
Hard for me to recover from @SenWarren use of phrase "tender fannies" — Ben White (@morningmoneyben) May 7, 2014 File this one under “Things We Wish We Could Un-hear.” In her new book, “A Fighting Chance,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren writes this about Tim Geithner, former Treasury secretary: “Millions of people were getting tossed out on the street, but the government’s most important job was to provide a soft landing for the tender fannies of the banks.” Reading the words is one thing, but we probably could’ve done without actually hearing Warren say “tender fannies” out loud: .@SenWarren on @wamu885 accuses [More]