Shorter Carney: You sensational dimwits with your junk plans should stop complaining. — Amanda Carpenter (@amandacarpenter) November 5, 2013 Yesterday, Twitchy told you about Edie Littlefield Sundby, a Stage IV gallbladder cancer survivor who will lose her current health care coverage at the end of this year. The White House’s Dan Pfeiffer subsequently took to Twitter to smear her, because he’s a ginormous douchebag who’d rather protect the bogus Obamacare narrative than show compassion for one of its victims. But as it turns out, the White House may not have been finished with Sundby yet. During today’s press briefing, Jay [More]
Thank you @yokoono now i can do more, because of you — The Countess (@ladygaga) October 9, 2012 Today, Yoko Ono awarded her “LennonOno Grant for Peace” to pop phenomenon Lady Gaga in Iceland. Gaga is the fifth recipient of the award, following Pussy Riot, the late Gaza Strip protester Rachel Corrie, author John Perkins, and Christopher Hitchens. Ms. Ono said that Gaga has changed “the mental map” of the world, and we at Twitchy are forced to agree. Lady Gaga has indeed seared multiple images into our brains that we wish we could forget. Apparently, the award is shaped like a giant [More]
Learning how to tie your shoes is an age-old rite of initiation for any child. Feeling like a “big kid” means being able to tie your shoe, brush your teeth and sit in a normal chair at a restaurant. Unfortunately, most parents don’t know this epic life hack for tying shoes. Seriously, why didn’t our parents just teach us this from the beginning? It’s genius. (H/T: This might seem similar to how you tie your shoes already, but once you master it? You’ll be putting on your kicks in seconds flat. You have to share this with your friends. They’ll [More]
When you leave an expensive camera, like a GoPro, in the wild, the point is for the animals not to notice. After all, the point is the capture footage of the creatures in their natural habitat. Besides, most animals wouldn’t care about a teeny, tiny little camera, right?  Wrong. (At least when it comes to this smart little fox.) While filming sea lions in Round Island, Alaska, a group of researchers noticed a fox approaching them in the distance. YouTube Thinking he had a bright idea, camera owner and researcher Jonathan VanBallenberg “stupidly put [his] GoPro on the ground in hopes [More]
Al Sharpton "There is no widespread establishing that there is anyone that is voting that is not who they say they are" — Stephen Gutowski (@StephenGutowski) April 12, 2012 The Media Research Center caught Sharpton being Sharpton. Beautiful. Oh, Al … don’t ever change! Read more:
Obama's opinion of those who are willing to die for us… — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) October 9, 2013 Among all of the outrageous effects of the government shutdown, perhaps the most offensive is the withholding of a death benefit to the families of fallen troops. That benefit is used for funeral and travel expenses, among others. News reports: The families of four soldiers and one Marine killed in Afghanistan over the weekend have been told that they will be denied death benefits while the government shutdown continues, leaving at least one mother in despair and disbelief. The families [More]
This seems like a bad idea. "@StateDept: Hackers wanted! Coding skills? Join the Fishackathon." #listbuilding — Anonymous (@YourAnonNews) June 16, 2014 Heh. Suspicious hackers are suspicious.!/JonEthan_Lemon/status/478350049102286848 Fishackathon? That’s what they came up with? Someone at State isn’t really clear on what a “hacker” really is. Your department is a hackathon. MT @StateDept: Hackers wanted! Coding skills? Join the Fishackathon — BT (@back_ttys) June 16, 2014 Ha! .@StateDept perhaps the US government should compensate hackers it has wrongfully imprisoned before it begs for free hacker labor. DIAF — Andrew Auernheimer (@rabite) June 16, 2014 @YourAnonNews @StateDept If you can't [More]
Tourists visiting Australia can find success where the legendary Captain Ahab failed. Just be sure to leave your harpoons at home. This albino humpback whale, named Migaloo (meaning “white fella” in the Mayi-Katuna language), shows up every year during his winter migration up the east coast. And this great white whale isn’t as shy as his literary counterpart. Migaloo, Australia’s own Moby Dick. RedBubble Tourists frequently take boats out to catch a glimpse this time of year. RedBubble And Migaloo is usually happy to show off for his fans! RedBubble H/T: IFL Science. The big guy even has his own iTunes and Twitter accounts! Check [More]
.@ericbolling and @greggutfeld slugging it out over Ebola fears. — johnny dollar (@johnnydollar01) August 5, 2014 The dynamic of “The Five” was shaken up today as Eric Bolling and Greg Gutfeld went at it over Ebola and its dangers, known and unknown. In one corner was Bolling, who advised sending medical personnel overseas to treat victims, saying we don’t fully know the dangers. In the other corner was Gutfeld, who noted that Ebola’s dangers and methods of transmission are well known. Each had his backers. @ericbolling These 2 doctors were trained, took all precautions/followed procedures, still got ebola. Thats why we [More]
An female adult fan snares a Donald Driver shoe from a young man who happened to have it tossed toward him by #80. Sad, don't you think? — Tom Pipines (@pipspicks) June 4, 2012 Here is just another sad example of the human race at its absolute worst. During Donald Driver’s charity softball game, the Green Bay Packers wide receiver and Dancing with the Stars champion tossed his cleat to a young fan, but some adult woman quickly snatched it away. After hearing the story of what happened to the boy, Driver asked the world for more information on the kid [More]