I am somebody! #PUSHisLive Keep Hope Alive #SaturdayMorningForum — Rev Jesse Jackson Sr (@RevJJackson) December 1, 2012 ‘Daily Affirmations’ with Rev. Jesse Jackson? He’s good enough, he’s smart enough, and doggone it, people like him! Congrats! RT @revjjackson I am somebody! — Garrett R. Hall (@Garrett_R_Hall) December 1, 2012 More responses to Jackson’s super deep proclamation: To assert it is to lose it. RT @twitchyteam: Rev. Jesse Jackson announces to the Twitterverse, ‘I am somebody!’ bit.ly/VgxBSG — Dave Williams (@bigdave0908) December 1, 2012 False Hope RT:“@twitchyteam: Rev. Jesse Jackson announces to the Twitterverse, ‘I am somebody!’ bit.ly/VgxBSG” — Justen Charters (@JustenCharters) [More]
Between the fainting intern and the Gold Medal ceremony, it's like Super Bowl Sunday for cspan. — Josh Zembik (@jzembik) June 24, 2014 Only thing more embarrassing than fainting on your first day as a White House intern is having it make national news. http://t.co/JBw2yYg3RD — Melissa Weiss (@melissaeweiss) June 24, 2014 What is it about the Obama administration and people fainting? This intern definitely will have the best story in the room when asked "What's your most embarrassing moment" http://t.co/nlOsF9027P — Emily Cahn (@CahnEmily) June 24, 2014 I know first-hand that fainting sucks. Fainting on C-Span must double-suck: http://t.co/1i17kz59qq [More]
http://twitter.com/#!/AdamBaldwin/status/365916535077888000 One of the first reporters asking questions at President Obama’s press conference was NBC News’ Chuck Todd, and judging from body language, the president might not have been too happy about Todd’s questioning. You be the judge: Sending Todd a message, or just a habit? Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/08/09/potus-press-conference-did-obama-flip-chuck-todd-the-bird-pic-video/
12-year-old son just offered me $10 never to do this again. He's no fun. http://t.co/4Rh4tA9b #gangnamstyle — Marilyn McKenna (@mckennamarilyn) October 9, 2012 Washington GOP gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna, along with his wife Marilyn, caused a stir last week when they decided to dance “Gangnam Style” at a Korean festival. At least we think that was “dancing.” We’re not really sure. Anyway, McKenna’s herky-jerky stylings got a lot of attention. 31,000 views later, his son Connor posted this urgent plea on YouTube — desperate to stop the K-Pop madness that brought shame upon his house. His plan is simple: Raise [More]
Duncan is a boxer puppy who loves to run around just like any other dog, but there’s something about him that’s quite different. Because of a birth defect, Duncan had to have his hind legs amputated. That might sound debilitating, but Duncan hasn’t let it get in between him and his fun. Watching him play at the beach makes it seem like he has twice the energy of a normal dog, even if he only has half as many legs as one. Look at him go! There’s no questioning if Duncan’s a good boy. Share this post using the buttons [More]
VIDEO: Gay activist Dan Savage tells college students "every dead gay kid is a victory" for @FRCdc: http://t.co/FhJzAwQL #tcot #p2 #xcot — Campus Reform (@campusreform) October 1, 2012 Sex columnist, “It Gets Better” founder and White House guest Dan Savage was speaking metaphorically, of course, when he told a group of students at Winona State University in Minnesota last week that Family Research Council President Tony Perkins “sits on a pile of dead gay kids every day when he goes to work.” It’s an even more tasteless comment than usual from “anti-bullying” crusader Savage, who called a group of teens [More]
Way to go @jaketapper! Misinformation is not a valid reason for bans. We take our #gunrights from the #Constitution @JedediahBila @Mediaite — Breaking the Law (@Br8kingTheLaw) April 5, 2013 As Twitchy reported, President Obama took the opportunity at one of his fancy-pants San Francisco fundraisers to peddle a tiresome lie about guns. He doesn’t seem to think it’s worth his time to make a distinction between semiautomatic and fully automatic weapons. Unfortunately for him, CNN’s Jake Tapper disagrees. This afternoon on “The Lead,” Tapper called out Obama and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for their inability — and unwillingness [More]
Volunteer vet Cristina and volunteer animal rescuer Ron from the Wildlife Aid Foundation were called to the U.K.’s busiest motorway to rescue an unfortunate bird. The Highways Agency called the two for help after a Canadian goose crash-landed on the road and looked in pretty bad shape. The bird walked down the hard shoulder, fortunately behind the crash barrier, and was unable to fly due to a broken wing. The Highways Agency put a rolling roadblock in place, as the animal rescue duo were concerned the bird would run into oncoming traffic. Thankfully, the bird found sense and tried to climb [More]
More proof liberals don't understand sex? They create purple diseased looking hoo ha Twitbons. — LilMissRightie (@LilMissRightie) October 26, 2012 The Obama campaign has repeatedly treated women like walking “lady parts.” And earlier this week, CNN suggested women’s voting habits are ruled by — you guessed it — lady parts! Last night conservative Twitterers discovered a liberal’s campaign to get women to adorn their Twitter avatars with “Vote With Your Vagina” Twibbons. Really: Vote With Your Vagina, add a #Twibbon now! twb.ly/SBFYEZ — jillsmo (@jillsmo) October 26, 2012 @n6ig YAY!! A MAN voting with his vagina!!!! — jillsmo (@jillsmo) October 26, 2012 @bakwudshouswife [More]
Let’s face it. Creative people can be real weirdos sometimes (and that’s what makes them so awesome). Typically, I try not to question other people’s creativity, but it’s impossible to look at these pictures and not say “Why?” Perhaps that’s the point of the “chinface,” which is exactly what it sounds like. This is the kind of art that seems to only exist to weird people out. Well, mission accomplished. Take a look at some of the stranger chin faces! Good luck sleeping tonight. You’ll need it. Oh great, I’ll never sleep again. The braces just make it worse. NOPE. Get out of my [More]