Pres Obama tells mayors if Congress doesn't act on his agenda, he'll work with them to get things done. "I've got a pen & I've got a phone." — Mark Knoller (@markknoller) January 23, 2014 Addressing the U.S. Conference of Mayors Thursday, President Obama once again (to loud applause) threatened to use his phone and pen to bypass Congress. “Where Congress is debating things and hasn’t been able to pull the trigger on stuff, my administration’s going to move forward, and we’re going to … do it in partnership with all of you,” Obama said. Congress, schmongress. Also, WTF kind of dumbass president [More]
This poor fox cub somehow became severely tangled in a soccer net. He was so badly entwined in the ropes, he almost strangled himself. Luckily, Simon from Wildlife Aid Foundation stepped in. The rescue was tense, but by the end of it you’ll be so happy: (Source: Wildlife Aid) Remember, things like this can be easily avoided. Roll up sports nets, equipment, and other items when you’re not using them. Otherwise, some wildlife could end up in quite the situation. Read more:
Toothless Tuesday too tight to tally! We're gathered around the magic picture box with a bowl of grits watching the returns come in! — Bill Maher (@billmaher) March 14, 2012 Add this Southern-bashing tweet tonight to HBO comedy host Bill Maher’s greatest hate speech hits. The $1 million Obama super PAC donor has been getting heat from conservative women for years of misogynist statements: Now comes word that Obama senior adviser David Axelrod is bailing on Maher’s show. Will the White House scions of civility stand by their million-dollar-man now? Twitter users are giving Maher a big thumbs-down:!/Katbeloo/status/179742713854427136 @billmaher [More]
Friends Cameron Nimmo and Randy Jordan have made it their mission to help sharks that have been pierced with fishing hooks by removing the hooks from their mouths, noses, and bodies. The hooks are often left in the sharks after being caught and released by fishermen. As you could imagine, the huge pieces of metal piercing their bodies can be detrimental to their health. Watch as the pair of kind-hearted divers remove a fishing hook from the jaws of a 6ft silky shark after coaxing it into a natural trance by turning it onto its back. (Source: Barcroft TV) The pair, [More]
Did #Sebelius really just whisper under her breath, "Don't do this to me." #Obamacare — Amy Kremer (@AmyKremer) October 30, 2013 Hoo boy. Viewers tuned into Kathleen Sebelius’ cringeworthy testimony before Congress got a bonus earful: "Don't do this to me." – Sebelius? Someone off mic, sounded like her. — Noah Rothman (@NoahCRothman) October 30, 2013!/AndrewHClark/status/395588135238660096 Oh yeah, it happened: Sebelius hot mic"Don't do this to me" after ?d by GOP rep on whether she'd drop fed cvg to join exg, as Congress is reqd to. Ilegal for her. — Tyler Waldman (@aresef) October 30, 2013 @michellemalkin @TwitchyTeam Sebelius [More]
Marco Rubio delivering the response in both English and perfect Spanish…pure amazing…take a look into the future!!! — Melanie Vasquez (@mvasquez2488) February 13, 2013 Sen. Marco Rubio is earning rave reviews from Hispanic conservatives for delivering the GOP response to the State of the Union address in Spanish. Marco Rubio delivering the response in both English and perfect Spanish…pure amazing…take a look into the future!!! — Melanie Vasquez (@mvasquez2488) February 13, 2013 @heidil_rn in Spanish I would say “¡Rubio estaba encendido!” — Cuban Conservative (@BornOn1776) February 13, 2013 Rubio’s Spanish address even better. Slightly different. Even mentions single moms. Very [More]
@dorseyshaw Nice source — Andy Lancaster (@andylancaster) October 14, 2013 Buzzfeed’s Dorsey Shaw thought this video was “awesome” enough to share with his followers. This is awesome. — Dorse ebooks (@dorseyshaw) October 14, 2013 It links to a piece at “Animal New York” (yeah, we hadn’t either) blowing the lid off the Tea Party’s #FixUpDC event this weekend. The writer accuses the Tea Party of “heroically” picking up an already clean lawn while “yammering about ‘equal justice’ and ‘freedom.’” Who is this intrepid on-the-scene reporter? Aaron Black of Occupy Wall Street, that’s who. And the Occupy people know a [More]
In October 2013 expert climber Mick Fowler and his climbing partner, Paul Ramsden, succeeded in making the very first ascent of the extremely dangerous Kishtwar Kailash mountain peek, in the Indian Himalayas. Located in a very remote region, it took them 8 days just to reach basecamp before their mountain ascent. This scary video below shows a hazardous stretch of mountain road that was a part of their approach, filmed by the climbers from inside their mini-bus. Just watching that video I got a touch of vertigo. Source: Mick Fowler / Berghaus Share this scary mountain road with your friends [More]
Biden cites Cleveland Plain Dealer … one of the major newspapers "in this state" (Biden's in FL right now) — Joe Pounder (@PounderFile) October 31, 2012 Well, lap dogs do have exceptional hearing that humans just do not possess. While word is getting out that Vice President Joe Biden, campaigning in Ocala, Fla., today, made yet another embarrassing gaffe — calling Cleveland, Ohio’s Plain Dealer one of the major papers “in this state” — NBC’s embed team has reached its verdict, and that verdict is “not guilty.” If you listen to the clearest audio possible, you’ll hear Biden say “the,” not “this.” [More]
"Republican" in a new @BarackObama ad is actually a Democrat: #tcot — RomneyResponse (@RomneyResponse) August 25, 2012 As many as 70 percent of President Obama’s Twitter followers are reportedly fake. But that’s not all Team Obama and the liar in chief are faking these days. BuzzFeed reports that one of the women featured in the campaign’s “Republican Women for Obama” ad is … wait for it … a Democrat. Odds on whether lying liar Stephanie Cutter thought this was a good idea? Maria Ciano who is featured in the web video has been a registered Democrat since October 2006 [More]