Marion Barry:"We got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops.They ought to go. " — Carlos Martinez (@cmartinez400) April 4, 2012 Councilman Marion Barry made these comments after his big Democratic primary victory in D.C. Ward 8 Tuesday night. Why isnt there outrrage over the racial remarks made by #DCCouncil Marion Barry about the asian community? #dcpolitics — Keith Hoffman (@kyliving) April 4, 2012 Why indeed? Update: Barry doubles down. Read more:
If it is legit and is spreading the way I see it spreading, it's definitely a sign Twitter's rampage is degrading IS online network. — J.M. Berger (@intelwire) September 17, 2014 A trailer for an alleged upcoming video release is being circulated by ISIS supporters. The video is called “Flames of War” and includes—not surprisingly—a lot of flames and war footage. It also includes some night time video of the White House. IS trailer for video on its anticipated war with US, includes shaky handheld footage of WH, so brace for freak out. — J.M. Berger (@intelwire) September 16, [More]
Wonder if Michelle Obama is getting a kickback from Big Water. — jon gabriel (@exjon) September 12, 2013 Twitchy has told you before about the student revolts being inspired by Michelle Obama’s signature Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act and the tiny school lunches it has wrought, with some kids expending what energy they had left to shoot a parody video, “We Are Hungry.” Don’t give up yet, kids. Along with your tiny new lunches, you can have all the water you can drink! Today, first lady Michelle Obama and actress Eva Longoria teamed up at Watertown High School (get it?) in Wisconsin [More]
'American Idol' Producer Rebooting 'Name That Tune' — THR Music (@THR_EarShot) March 7, 2012 Are you old enough to remember the golden age of television? Once upon a time, some of the best and most watched shows weren’t anything like today’s reality shows. Back in the day, millions sat in-front of their tube TVs to watch classic game shows like Match Game, Family Fued, The Gong Show and many many more. Throughout the years, some of these shows have been reinvented for today’s society and some of them have even managed to remain huge hits. Thankfully, American Idol and [More]
“You don’t need a fancy law degree" to know what Congress intended. ~ @PressSec — Ben Howe (@BenHowe) July 22, 2014 So, law degrees. Do they matter, or don’t they? The White House can’t seem to decide. As Twitchy reported, earlier today, Obamacare took a hit in the Halbig v. Burwell decision. At issue were just a few words in the legislation, words Nancy Pelosi might’ve noticed had she bothered to read the damn thing before voting to pass it. But according to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, that shouldn’t even matter, because it should be obvious to anyone with [More]
Whoa……….Cornyn just told Holder to resign. — MC (@mchastain81) June 12, 2012 Senator Cornyn (R-TX) had enough of the stonewalling, lying and ineptitude of Attorney General Holder. During today’s hearing, he called on Eric Holder to resign. John Cornyn calls on Attorney General Eric Holder to resign in Senate hearing. — Rory Cooper (@rorycooper) June 12, 2012 Sen. Cornyn will not let AG Holder off the mat in a withering attack on the AG. "My sincere hope President Obama will replace you.." — Kelly O'Donnell (@KellyO) June 12, 2012 Sen John Cornyn (R-Tex)calls on Holder to resign. Holder calls [More]
As land dwelling mammals, we humans know that the oceans are deep, dark, and full of terrifying creatures. One of the most frightening creatures around is the Giant Spider Crab, also known as the Japanese Spider. While these bad boys aren’t are huge and scary as some crabs out there, they are still pretty darn creepy. Here are 10 reasons why the Giant Spider Crab is most terrifying crustacean of the deep. 1.) They’re giant. Imgur This is the first thing you’ll notice about the Giant Spider Crab (it’s also in the name). These things can have a leg span up to 12 feet, [More]
Here is my video for my friend Bob Kerrey who is running for US Senator from Nebraska: — Steve Martin (@SteveMartinToGo) October 5, 2012 Kerrey, that notoriously wild and crazy guy, was delighted: Thanks to my friend @SteveMartinToGo for the video demonstrating how Congress has been doing its budgets lately. #NESEN — Bob Kerrey (@kerreybob) October 5, 2012 Read more:
Dear God, Please make @TGowdySC the next US Attorney General. Sincerely, Every Honest American — Ed Shahzade (@Ed) June 24, 2014 Conservatives cheered Rep. Trey Gowdy’s line of questioning tonight at the House Oversight Committee’s hearing featuring IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. Gowdy brings the heat, cites specific criminal codes that could be applied to Lerner emails Committee already has #IRS — Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) June 24, 2014 Gowdy just nailed Koskinen to the wall. Didn't expect anything less. #IRS — Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) June 24, 2014 Gowdy pointing out that if a party fails to preserve records, others can draw [More]!/cwcook1000/status/254159218028994560 BREAKING: WOW! Did Romney bring cheat notes into the debate? – Democratic Underground // #YESHEDID! — liberalease (@liberalease) October 4, 2012 Well, it was inevitable. Lefties have spent the last two days twisting themselves in intellectual knots trying to explain their Dear Leader’s miserable debate performance. Their excuses have run the gamut, from high altitude to women to loud noises to being confronted with the truth. Today, though, the big buzz was over a mysterious white material clutched by Romney at the debate. Mitt The Sleazy Cheat–His sneaky podium-approach-notes-smuggling in 8 frames (click pic to enlarge): — [More]