A mother giraffe and her day-old calf were sitting alone in the wild when disaster struck. A pride of lions had been stalking the pair since the calf was born. They thought it would be an easy meal, so they pounced. This momma giraffe could have run away and saved herself, but she knew what she had to do. As the strong lions attacked, the giraffe did something that you’ll just have to see to believe. (H/T: Twister Sifter) Did you really think this (or any) mother would tuck and run? Of course not! She bravely defended her baby and the [More]
Russian studio-dance photographer Alexander Yakovlev is back with his expressive images of professional dancers. Dynamic and powerful, his new photo series “The Mirages” immortalizes the graceful movements of the dancers with the help of exploding flour. Based in Moscow, Yakovlev is a graduate from the faculty of law at the Russian State University For the Humanities, however, it can be clearly seen that his true passion is dance photography. His photos are a truly wonderful representation of the moving human body. You can check out the first part here. More info: ayakovlev.com | Facebook | Instagram | 500px (h/t: demilked)
This webinar is part of a series of events and discussions from the Center for Innovation in Women’s Leadership. Join our executive leadership panel as Dr Louise Kelly, Sylvia Acevedo and Elizabeth Fetter discuss strategies for overcoming common challenges in the workplace. This webinar will start at 12pm PST
.@SBAList has some fun, introduces us to Obama's 'Bureau of Womanhood Conformity' http://t.co/GgMiwRsG — John McCormack (@McCormackJohn) May 16, 2012 Some fun and some real truth to power. And it’s beautiful. “Welcome to the Bureau of Womanhood Conformity. Independent thoughts are considered subversive. Because all must agree with our Leader” Assimilate and obey! Conform or “die on the floor.” You have the right to “choose,” unless it involves choosing your own thoughts. Diversity of thought? What a concept! But it’s one lost on those who walk in lock-step with an anti-woman, Leftist agenda and those who seek to punitively shame [More]
Chinese blogger @zuola has posted what appears to be a new photo of Tiananmen Square, the day after the 1989 crackdown: http://t.co/1GsRCmi2 — Mark MacKinnon (@markmackinnon) June 4, 2012 Weibo removes candle icon ahead of #Tiananmen anniversary – CDT: http://t.co/QGFlq8ab — Mike (@mipesom) June 4, 2012 China blocks Tiananmen talk on crackdown anniversary http://t.co/Of3rKGGc — Reuters Top News (@Reuters) June 4, 2012 Hey, good morning, Beijing. Today is the anniversary of that time nothing happened in Tiananmen Square, and you probably can't see this. — Spencer Hall (@edsbs) June 4, 2012 Sensitive Words: The Tiananmen Edition http://t.co/9dNXrcUi — China Digital [More]
How would a dog wear pants? This twisted question has been plaguing the Internet at least since November, when a Yik Yak user posed the question, and then BuzzFeed polled its readers. Fast-forward to December when FB page Utopian Raspberry user “Norbert” posted a stylized illustration of the same question, which was then re-tweeted by Maxim editor Jared Keller, who went on to interview “Norbert.” Read the short interview, then see the puzzling picture and Mashable’s take on it, below: “I created it last night at about 2 or 3 am (it’s 4:30 pm now my time),” Norbert told Maxim. [More]
lol! 10 seconds in and @joenbc's panel is already laughing at @stefcutter… — Ryan (@alwaysonoffense) October 11, 2012 It’s hard to resist collapsing in giggle fits at Stephanocchio’s lies. But it happens so often, it’s exhausting! Even the “Morning Joe” crew got in on the giggling this morning as soon as President Obama’s deputy campaign manager opened her lying yap. omg, someone tell me @gop has video of @stefcutter being laughed at. even @morningmika thinks she’s delusional… — Ryan (@alwaysonoffense) October 11, 2012 Hahahahahaha @stefcutter “The race is the same as it was” PANTS ON FIRE! — Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) [More]
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When librarian Courtney Bonnet moved into her new house last June, she knew exactly what to do with the cupboard under the stairs. Inspired by the cupboard where Harry Potter lived at 4 Privet Drive, the Pennsylvania resident used old Harry Potter books to paper the walls, turning the tiny room into a “Wizards Only” space for her kids. “I just love Harry Potter and books and reading,” Bonnet told Buzzfeed. “I am pretty crafty and handy around the house so I figured why not? What kid wouldn’t want their own secret room? I want my kids to enjoy books [More]