A pesar de los constantes esfuerzos de la policía, los choferes, cobradores y los propios peatones incumplen las normas de seguridad vial.
Humor Total com Silvio Cantos e Lázaro Campos no lançamento da carreira solo de Felipe Araújo
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Heavenly sitting next to @OutnumberedFNC today's #Oneluckyguy @johnrich #awesomeness pic.twitter.com/PCTCUEcbFb — HarrisFaulkner (@HARRISFAULKNER) October 8, 2014 In a video by Campus Reform, Harvard students were asked if the U.S. or ISIS presented a greater threat to the world. As you can see, some believe the U.S. is a greater threat to world peace: Country star John Rich, appearing on Fox News’ “Outnumbered” today, perfectly nutshelled the people with that viewpoint: John Rich (@johnrich) calling the anti-America Harvard morons "a bunch of snot nosed brats" made my day. — Ben Janacek (@Ben_JANaCEK) October 8, 2014 Nailed it! @johnrich #outnumbered Snot nosed [More]
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Check out our crazy deals! http://www.420science.com/specials.html When the holidays come around, Gary and Brandon have no trouble spreading the holiday cheer. These guys party like a mom on eggnog and start this episode with a fat dab and liven up the conversation with a sad Christmas stories from their childhood. To make the holiday merrier, Brandon shares some wassail to sip on, and Gary remembers to add a little holiday “spirit” thanks to his new SPG flask! Then the guys light a joint and “sing” a Christmas carol! In the end, the two friends enjoy celebrating the good times with [More]