While sailing on Somerset Reservoir in Vermont with his son, a man spotted a young squirrel trying to swim across the lake. The distance from one side to the other was about 3/4 of a mile and the squirrel was right in the middle of the lake. After trying to get him to climb aboard without success, the man decided to jump into the water to save the little guy. I just love this video! It’s so heartwarming to see people helping even the smallest of creatures. Source: LiftlineRedcoat Share this fantastic animal rescue video with your friends and family [More]
FYI: @MIHouseDems deleted their Tweet wherein they suggested violence over RTW. — Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) December 11, 2012 Earlier today, The Michigan House Dems proudly quoted state Rep. Douglas Geiss’ oh-so-civil promise of “blood” over Michigan becoming a right-to-work state. Then they thought better of the tweet: @mihousedems Did you guys really call for violence in a tweet and then delete it? — Ben(@BenK84) December 11, 2012 Yes, yes they did. Silly Michigan Dems. Don’t you know Twitchy is forevah? https://twitter.com/MIHouseDems/statuses/278527569580666881 The tweet was deleted shortly after union goons followed through on that threat by Geiss. Oops MT @johnbremer @mihousedems delete [More]
Andy Sullivan a union THUG tells Fox's Steven Crowder "You got what you deserved" Steve was assaulted by a union member in Michigan! #tcot — ConservativeTalker™ (@cubfanbeerguy) December 13, 2012 Steven Crowder, a victim of union thuggery in Michigan, appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” last night. On @seanhannity. NOW! Tune in! — Steven Crowder (@scrowder) December 13, 2012 Will be on @seanhannity tonight clarifying the Union violence and personally debating a union rep! Retweet and hold onto your butts… — Steven Crowder (@scrowder) December 13, 2012 And guess what the union-thug-supporting guest had to say? Andy Sullivan says that @scrowder [More]
Unlike with most humans, you can’t just take a tightly-sealed jar of pickles out for a drink and have it open up. No, it takes brute strength, focus, and, more often than not, loosening it up so the person you ask to open the dang thing for you can with ease. We’ve all been there before, but luckily, we’ll never have to go there again–and not just for pickles either. Take a look at how you should be opening these typically tough to open things.   Oranges orangeslt Biting into the skin of an orange will give you a good [More]
Hope For Paws received a call about two homeless dogs living in a junkyard in a rough part of Los Angeles. When Eldad Hagar and Lisa Arturo arrived at the scene, they found the pair right away. However, the female was more fearful, so they needed to rescue her first. The tight space she crawled into made it very difficult for them to reach her, but eventually they were able to gently pull her to safety. That’s when her brother showed himself to check if she was OK, completely ignoring the treats even though he was starving. Checking in on his [More]