Not being able to connect with your child is probably the biggest challenge for any parent of an autistic kid. Even when he was a baby Joey didn’t want to hold hands with his mom and wasn’t able to make any kind of connection with another human being. However there is someone who managed to penetrate his inner walls, someone who is not human at all. From the moment Roxy saw Joey, it was like they were best friends. It’s as if she understood what he needed and bonded with him the way no one could. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // [More]
You don’t need stacks of money in order to help those less fortunate and one sanitation worker from Maryland showed everyone how big of a difference a regular guy can do. For 25 years Arnold Harvey’s job was driving his truck around the city and picking up trash, and he learned that hanging around dumpsters for some time you get to meet people who are left with no other choice but to go through other people’s garbage in order to find something to eat. He made a decision to do anything he can to help those people. Finally America gets [More]
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You’ve probably noticed that most motivational quotes keep telling you to follow your dreams. But what if the dreams are based on satisfying your wanderlust and a never-ending craving for some pizza crust? Well, fear not, because Phil Duncan proves that these dreams can go hand in hand! From deserts to lakes, from valleys to mountains, Phil explores the whole world together with his one true love – pizza. And who could blame him? People may betray you, but pizza will always warm your stomach and heart. More info: | Instagram (h/t: Elite Daily) The 28-year-old from Liverpool has made a promise to himself to [More]
Leadership is unique quality which is not very common. If you want to lead in your life you need some motivation and have confidence and power of making right decisions. These leadership quotes are best for you. You can dedicate these leadership quotes to women, military, sports captains and educational department. For Distance Love Quotes Thanks for watching this video about leadership quotes. Let’s Subscribe our YT channel for more videos related to military leadership quotes, quotes for women, for kids and for many of other sayings and quotations.
It’s amazing what animators can do these days with advances in technology. They can make animations look so lifelike that the trained eye has a hard time distinguishing what is real and what is not. Luckily, we get to see the end result. Watch this video of an eyeball looking around and tell me that you didn’t think it was real for a second. It’s amazing. And a close-up of his eye: It’s hard to imagine the amount of time it took to create this incredible animation. I’m intrigued by the detail of the eye. Soon, video games and CGI effects in [More]
Jerry’s back with the Benelli M4 tactical 12 gauge. This sweet shot gun features a collapsible stock and is only available for law enforcement or military use. Civilian models of the XM1014 are available, but with a fixed stock. The post This 12 gauge with COLLAPSIBLE STOCK is the world’s most popular tactical shotgun appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
The L42A1 was the very last of the British Lee Enfield rifles and it was developed in the late 1960s to replace the No. 4 Mk1 (T) rifles of the WWII era. The rifle in this video is one of the few hundered rifles converted to accommodate the new 7.62x51mm NATO rounds developed in the early 1970s. Unfortunately the majority of these converted rifles were destroyed after the weapon was deemed “obsolete” by the Department of Defense in 1990. The post The Last Lee Enfield — A classic sniper rifle converted to 7.62x51mm appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..