Your tattoo can not only be meaningful or simply aesthetic, it can also be functional. Imgurer raingoose has recently uploaded a photo of her minimalist tattoo of a muted speaker to show that she’s deaf in her left ear. “Since I’m deaf on one ear I thought this was a friendly to tell the world not talking to me from the left,” wrote raingoose. Soon, she got a response from another user, pawsed, who got inked with a muted microphone for the same reason. Which tattoo is the best fit for the situation? (h/t: raingoose) “Since I’m deaf in one ear [More]
It’s a good thing YouTube isn’t quite as censored as basic cable. Where else are you going to see some of the funniest commercials made today? This Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s ad was allegedly pulled down and cut short after too many censors reportedly complained it was “too sexual” for some audiences. The post When they saw her bend over, censors banned this commercial immediatley appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
If you’re expecting to see tons of explosions and body parts flying, go see a movie. This helmet cam footage was taken by the gunner engaged in a 4 hour firefight with the Taliban in Afganistan and was shared by a community of veterans who wanted to share their combat footage. The gunner is working with a MK-19 automatic grenade launcher against multiple enemy groups including an RPG team and an 82mm mortar team. His camera dies before things start to get hairy and four A-10 runs plow through the enemy position. The post See real combat with auto grenade [More]
Justin Smoaks smacked a found ball into the stands and this guy got to do something some of us can only dream of. He makes an expert catch in coverage and proceeds to chug the beer with the ball still inside. That’s American. That’s badass. That’s American badass right there. The post Baseball fan catches foul in his beer but it’s what he does next that makes him a badass appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
It’s too bad no one showed the camerawoman how to hold a phone when filming a video. Either way she captures a pretty badass video of man vs. nature. After his family was attacked by hornets, this suburban mohawk warrior fought back with the best possible weapon, fire. The post His family was attacked by hornets, he responded with fire… So much fire appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
Joerg Sprave is a professional German badass, don’t try to recreate his awesome ideas on your own. After swapping out the flimsy spring for something with a bit more heft, the projectile speed increases by about 20%. He then adds a #25 scalpel blade, one of the sharpest blades available on Amazon. With an edge like this, you don’t need much force to start slicing people open. Despite the danger, this little mod is still pretty awesome! The post His simple modification turns a child’s toy into a deadly weapon appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
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The world of The Expanse may seem like pure fiction, but many elements are grounded in actual science. Go behind the scenes with the cast, crew, and a planetary expert as they discuss the reality of the hit Syfy show. Here they look at the limitations of communication. The Expanse returns for Season 2 in January 2017. The Expanse follows the case of a missing young woman who brings a hardened detective, and a rogue ship’s captain to expose the greatest conspiracy in human history.