Grant Thompson from “The King of Random” reveals his experimental technique for reloading primer. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Using a mixture of match head powder and red sulfur scrapings from the striker, Grant makes an impact sensitive explosive. He successfully reprimes and fires some empty shells to illustrate their effect. Again, don’t try this unless it’s the zombie apocalypse and you have no other options. The post This common household item can make new primer for your spent shells appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
Ever have one of those days when you just want to escape your life and disappear into a fairy tale world? Well, if you’re furiously nodding at your screen right now then you’ll be glad to hear that it is in fact entirely possible to do so. Take a look at this list compiled by Bored Panda to see just what we mean. These villages might look like something out of a storybook but we promise you that each and every one of them are real. So next time you’re looking to escape it all, don’t hide in your bedroom. [More]
Fences are the poor man’s wall: they might not prevent someone from trespassing, but they’ll certainly imply that you would rather that they didn’t. Or as Robert Frost put it in his poem, “Mending Wall,” “Good fences make good neighbours.” But does that mean you can become a better neighbour by making a better fence? Maybe! Bored Panda has put together this list of fantastic fences to inspire you, dear neighbours, to be even better. Have a fence but no neighbour on the other side? Put a bird on it, and watch potential neighbours flock to set up shop next [More]
When Dan Dunbar took his boat out near Nanoose Bay in British Columbia, he was probably hoping for a very different catch of the day. Instead of reeling in a fish or two, Dunbar looked out and noticed a bald eagle barely treading water. He wasn’t sure exactly how to help it, but while he considered his options he pulled out his camera and started rolling. Eagles are usually excellent swimmers, but this little guy was clearly struggling. YouTube The bird made its way closer to the boat, but drifted away before Dunbar could get near enough with his net. YouTube So he [More]
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Subscribe for more Because Science: Watch the last episode: Vampires have the ability to suck blood, but do they really know all the best ways and places on the human body? Kyle teaches some vampire useful human anatomy on today’s Because Science! More science: Watch more Because Science: Follow Kyle Hill: Follow Us: Because Science every Thursday. Artist: Andrew Bowser Learn more: • What’s the best way for Twilight vampires to drink blood?
Oscar The Modular Body Creepiest Science Experiment mixing human, cyborg for immortality? What evil exists that created this creature Oscar The Modular Body? Are we experiencing some kind of modern day frankenstein where this scientist bypassed god and created life? Or is this part of my chicken meal from KFC trying to escape? Oscar The Modular Body Hoax Factor Fans I’m back and with something almost as messed up as the Homunculus! Wonder where we’ve been, click on the link below to find out! Angela has a penchant for finding the most fucked up videos on Facebook and this is [More]
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Welcome to Romeo’s Secret Science Lab! Romeo shows us how to make PJ Masks Gekko from the color green! I hope Gekko is ok without his fellow PJ Masks Catboy and Owlette! Watch as Romeo uses science to make colors like Orange and Brown and makes some silly things like fruits and Kinder Eggs! The new PJ Masks toys from Disney Junior are not out yet, but the evil night villain Romeo will give you an early look. Let’s just hope the other night villains like Luna Girl, Night Ninja and the Ninjalinos aren’t around also. Music: Carefree by Kevin [More]