ACTIVATE! is a network of young leaders equipped to drive change for the public good across South Africa. Connecting youth who have the skills, sense of self and spark to address tough challenges and initiate innovative and creative solutions that can reshape our society. They invited thought leaders who are active in their communities as well as emerging leaders to have a conversation on how they can bring new thoughts into the space. This is what went down.!/GregJKrieg/status/369884851463532544 Sorry, Slate. Either President Obama didn’t bother to read your piece explaining why the name “Redskins” should be retired for good, or he just wasn’t compelled to follow Slate’s lead and refer to Washington’s NFL team as the Washington _____. No, the president went ahead and said the R-word right in front of the TV cameras today when he met with members of the ’72 Dolphins at the White House.!/NoahCRothman/status/369907623362953218 An analysis of the footage seems to indicate that no one was shocked or offended. To be safe, though, it might be time to revisit those alternative nicknames. * [More]
When Don and Lorraine married in 1989 no one could have predicted that only 6 years later their lives would turn upside down. In 1995 Don was diagnosed with ALS and slowly but surely he began losing his abilities. However it was only when he lost the ability to speak that it got REALLY hard. However, while listening to inventor Mick Ebeling talking on a radio show, Lorraine saw a glimmer of hope that someday her husband would be able to actually talk to her once again. Thanks to amazing engineers and volunteers at Not Impossible Labs that day came [More]
Tucked away on a farm in Saratoga County there’s a place where two kinds of warriors help each other get better. It’s a place where veterans suffering from PTSD, anxiety disorder and insomnia work with retired and rescued race horses, some of them thoroughbred that have to overcome problems of their own. The program called Saratoga War Horse teaches the vets to communicate with the animals which are known to honestly mirror the energy of the human handling it. At first both humans and animals have trust issues but when they learn to accept each other, the miracles happen. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
Cute, smart, quick thinking and humble, 4 year old Camden Vaughan can now add heroic to the list after following his instincts and saving his mom’s life. While his mum, Misty, was in bed sick with a flu, Camden was playing in the other room with his baby brother when suddenly he sensed something was wrong and ran to her finding her unresponsive. In a situation when even most adults would panic, he did something that doctors agree saved the woman’s life. The story ran nationwide and reopened the topic on whether or not kids should be given access to [More]
HD + SMALL SCREEN first of all: Aint these two super cute? They basically reflect like every kind of emotion!! I mean how is it possible to not love these two dorks! second of all: the scene at 01:10 is from the dailies of s06 ‘Gone’ – I always wanted to show the funny and hilarious side of their relationship, besides all the sexual tenes, heat and desire 😀 – It was actually supossed to be finished yesterday but after I finished pre-rendering it (to see if everythings the way i want) I noticed that I accidentally deleted the main [More]
PEPEKA en El Valor De La Verdura jajajaaaa Visita
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Everyone’s favorite Farm Girl is back with her trusty AR-15 and some Tannerite. In this video she pulls off an impressive shot on a tiny .5 lb jar with no-scope. She’ll be back for more with the larger jar in no time. The post Farm girl enjoys the sun with bikini and AR-15 appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
It’s rare that you’ll hear the good guys congratulate a terrorist suicide bomber, but when they manage to take out 8 extremists without injuring any civilians it’s hard not to say thank you. A Taliban suicide bomber managed to kill himself and some of his fanatic buddies after he detonated his vest too early. The scum of this earth just got a little bit smaller moments before they could attack the Afghanistan city of Kunduz. When the first vest exploded early it created a cascade effect and detonated everyone else’s bombs. According to the Daily Mail, the group of self-destructive [More]