The American Gun Chic has a messy day full of Tannerite and produce in this ‘Girls Gone Redneck’ video. She loads up everything she needs for a fruit salad with a healthy dose of White Lightning and then takes aim with her brand new Ruger 10/22. The post Girl with a gun makes an explosive ‘Redneck Fruit Salad’ appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
At first it looks like he’s attached his rod to some sort of pole mount, but upon further inspection you’ll see it’s really a heavy duty spud gun. He packs in a load of bait and hooks it to his rod before sending the payload on a 200 yard journey into the ocean. Wait until you see what he pulls into shore. The post Potato guns are now bait cannons, wait until you see what he reels in… appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
Huntress Kaitlin stepped up to the water, saw a ripple, and took one amazing shot. After a brief fight, she pulls in an absolute monster! This is a girl you want to spend a three day weekend with. The post Badass girl with a bow sees movement in the water and takes a shot. Now watch what she pulls out… appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
When French artists George Seurat and Paul Signac invented pointillism in 1886, they probably never expected that the style would one day be applied to tattoos. But that’s precisely what tattoo artist Ilya Brezinski is doing, and the technique’s originators are sure to approve of his work. Based in St Petersburg, Russia, the Belarussian tattoo artist and illustrator specializes in dotwork and blackwork body art. His designs often have a surreal, almost Dali-esque quality to them, and the use of dotwork creates an almost 3D shading effect that isn’t possible with other tattoo techniques. His tattoos are predominantly monochrome, and [More]
This Golden’s best friend ginger cat had to be put down because of thyroid cancer at the age of 15. The dog, named Forsberg, was crushed. The 10 year-old pooch was looking for his buddy everywhere but he was nowhere to be found. His owner Jen Philion decided to get him a new kitty that could help him heal. “Forsberg really missed having a cat,” Philion wrote on Reddit. “Problem solved!” he added as he posted the photo of the new feline. Forsberg embraced the new kitty friend with all of his paws and has never let go ever since. [More]
Faqja në FACEBOOK | Vizioni & Libonia 2013
BMX + Parkour – Tim Knoll / Landscapes – Volume / L’équipe de France de Biathlon s’essaye à la descente / Le gateau Super Mario / Timelapse des chutes de neiges aux Etats-Unis / Sueur froide / Fuck Yeah ! / The force Theme (Violon cover) – Star Wars – Jeffrey Ding / Du maquillage pour augmenter la taille de sa poitrine / Il se fait tirer dessus dans une piscine ! / Tous les jours et tous les Weekend, le zapping du web proposé par Voir tous les zappings :
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Well even the biggest talk shows can encounter technical difficulties, but when it comes to Ellen, even if things go wrong they go so right. So when her field producer Aaron tried to do a video link report, he couldn’t get audio feed from the studio. There was an awkward silence there for a second and they had to call in the tech crew to figure out where the problem was. It was not something you expect to see on Ellen’s, but then someone appeared from backstage and made all of it make sense. We don’t want to spoil it [More]