Post-it notes. The world would be in chaos without them. Nobody would remember anything. Nobody would be able to turn their office walls into superhero murals. Nobody would be able to leave passive-aggressive messages on the doors of communal refrigerators. And nobody would be able to have the sort of epic Post-it note battle that recently took place in New York. It all started innocently enough. An employee at Harrison and Star wrote a simple “hi” in Post-it notes on her window and waited for somebody to respond. And somebody did. They wrote “sup”. So far, so civil. But it [More]
In Fallout, Nuka Cola is the most popular drink in the Wasteland, but restoring health isn’t its only effect. So how much could you actually drink before dying? Kyle has the irradiated nutrition facts on this week’s Because Science! Subscribe for more Because Science: Watch the last episode: More science: Watch more Because Science: Follow Kyle Hill: Follow Us: Because Science every Thursday. Artist: Andrew Bowser Learn more: • Rad: • Acute radiation syndrome: • Allowable radiation dose: • Radiation type weighting factor:
Prem Kumar attracts thousands of customers to his seafood restaurant in New Delhi, India, every day. While I’m sure the food tastes great, there’s something else that draws tourists and townspeople to this local haunt, and it has to do with the way he fries fish. If that were all, though, perhaps Mr. Kumar wouldn’t be so special. After all, he’s not the first person to showcase this incredible skill. But when you discover how he accomplishes the feat, you’ll be shocked to find out that you can probably do it, too…if you dare. Kumar has science to thank for [More]
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With all the anti-wrinkle cosmetics, face lifts, tummy tucks, make up… women are paying billions every year to conceal their age, however when you hit your sixties, even if you’re the most youthful person in the world, there’s one tell-tale sign of your age, something that beauty industry doesn’t have a solution for – age spots. Fortunately there’s a simple natural remedy that can combat those dark spots and make you look as young as you feel. Dr. Doug Willen explains how to prepare it and apply it to your skin. It’s so easy anybody can do it. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
Apart from helping people in need and catching bad guys, it seems Cincinnati police officers have another important job to perform and that’s to protect and to serve… geese. You know what they say, there’s bad cops and there’s goose cops. This mommy goose found herself in trouble when one of her babies got entangled into some wire. Her cries alerted the friendly patrol unit that was driving around the neighborhood. I just love the way she nervously waited for this human to set her gosling free and her thank you quack is just priceless. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create [More]
Wow, I did NOT expect a bunch of high school kids to produce something this powerful. When the students of Fenton High School’s Advanced Video Production class got an assignment to film a PSA about drinking and driving no one even expected they would get over 200 thousand views in just a couple of weeks. Their work is a mix of powerful images and simple honesty that managed to send a message to their peers in a way the professional TV ads never could. Kudos to their teacher Mr. Rich Ashley as well for inspiring them to make something you [More]
According to a 2014 survey, roughly 37% of the U.S. population rents rather than owns. If you fall into that pool, you know that drilling holes into your temporary home’s walls is a big no-no. You could tempt fate and hope that a little patchwork will still get you your security deposit back, but if you don’t want to push it, keep reading… You don’t need to drill holes for extra shelving…here’s how to get more space with just a few pieces of wood and some double-sided tape! Where do you plan on creating a little extra room in your [More]