Do you trust your partner enough to let them make ALL the decisions about the most important day of your lives? When James and Hollie applied for reality show “Don’t Tell The Bride”, Hollie agreed to let James make all the calls about their wedding, from the venue, to the cake and ultimately to her wedding dress. When you consider how difficult it is for any bride to pick a gown it’s clear that James is a brave man. Blindfolded and only a day before the wedding Hollie put her dress on for the first time. The look on her [More]
This is a video you have to watch all the way through because even though Bree is an amazing dancer, this little ball of energy in a pink tutu totally stole the show. This mom of 2 never felt she had enough confidence to audition for “So You Think You Can Dance”, and raising her children has always been her top priority. Now, when she finally found some courage to apply for the dance competition, it was her children who were her biggest support and her most vocal cheerleaders. Judging by her daughters little improvised choreography at the end, they [More]
This beverage you’ve probably bought dozens if not hundreds of times before, but believe it or not, it can kill you. We’re not talking alcoholic drinks, we’re not talking sugary stuff that’s bad for you in the long run, we’re talking caffeine. The amount of energy drinks you have to drink for them to become lethal is much lower than you may think and unfortunately for this girl, she reached that amount while on family vacation in Mexico. The 16 year old allegedly got addicted to sugar and the buzz she got from that much caffeine but her heart just [More]
Momento emitido en Los ángeles de la mañana, el jueves 28/07/16.
Mikaela Kellner, veteran police officer of 11 years, made the strangest arrest of her career on July 28, 2016. While visiting Ralambshovsparken, a local park in Stockholm, Sweden, Kellner and her friends were approached by a man selling magazines. The man claimed the sale of the magazines would go to help the homeless. Little did they know the sale was just a ruse to distract the group long enough for the pickpocket to make off with their valuables. The thief had no idea the woman in a bikini was an off duty police officer. In an interview with Swedish newspaper [More]
Want to spice up your garden with a little horror to keep the trespassers away? Well, now you can, thanks to Revenant FX! The Canadian group of artists is obsessed with horror. Inspired by shows like the Walking Dead and movies like Dawn of the Dead, 28 days Later, and Pet Semetary, they’re “bringing the undead to life, one gnome at a time” with their handmade zombie garden gnomes. From Bloody Mary to Willie Walker – there’s a huge variety to choose from, all for only $55! Check them out on Etsy. More info: Etsy | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram (h/t: [More]
Tyrna Village, Meghalaya, India source Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India source Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India source Danda Village Jetty, Mumbai, India source Hampi, Karnataka, India source Juhu, Mumbai, India source Bandra, Mumbai, India source Kisama, Nagaland, North-east India source Ral Village, Uttar Pradesh, India source Bagru Village, Rajasthan, India source Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India source Kakhsar Village, Gujarat, India source Near Almora, Uttarakhand, India source Kisama, Nagaland, North-east, India source Ral Village, Uttar Pradesh, India source Latikynsew Village, Meghalaya, North East India source Pune, Maharasthra, India source Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India source Kakhsar Village, Gujarat, India source Outside St Xavier’s College, [More]
The guys at Epic Challenges thought it would make for a cool challenge to see if someone could race a subway train from one stop to the next. … but safely, and above ground. The challenge took place in the London Underground, precisely on the Circle Line from Mansion House to Cannon Street. The racer had to be on the train as it arrived at one station, then sprint out from the train car through the station and out onto the streets above. The racer then had to run above ground through the city, get to the next station, and catch [More]
A House Meeting is called to discuss the upcoming Veto Meeting, and Bridgette attempts to take to Michelle. Subscribe to the “Big Brother’ Channel HERE: Watch Full Episodes of “Big Brother” HERE: Follow “Big Brother” on Instagram HERE: Like “Big Brother” on Facebook HERE: Follow “Big Brother” on Twitter HERE: Follow “Big Brother” on Google+ HERE: Find “Big Brother” on Google Play HERE: Get the CBS app for iPhone & iPad! Click HERE: Don’t miss a minute of the Big Brother action with the Live Feeds! Get new episodes of shows you [More]
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