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LOL, they should have painted this guy a picture. They planned a surprise reveal for this dad (and grandfather to be) with this pretend photo shoot and all. At one point it was like playing charades but this dude is probably the worst charades player in history. If taking a photo in an “I’m pregnant” pose isn’t enough of a clue, nothing is. Just take a look at his face when the cogs finally began turning in his head. It takes cutting through lots of layers of denial before you realize your baby girl is gonna be a mommy, that’s [More]!/gardnerphil/status/281880265339572224 Rep. Paul Ryan took to the House floor this afternoon, charts in tow, to defend Speaker Boehner’s contentious “Plan B” proposal for dealing with the fiscal cliff. If implemented, “Plan B” would make Bush-era tax rates permanent for Americans making less than $1 million, but not for those making more. Democrats are dead-set against it because tax rates won’t increase for enough people, while many conservatives believe that tax rates should not increase for anyone. The House is set to vote on the proposal tonight. Ryan’s known for his well-spoken, dynamic style, but today, several viewers found their eyes drawn to [More]