It’s truck against tree in this hilarious video. Look at the magnificent pulling power of Dodge trucks in action. It’s a trick and these guys got me! Glad they didn’t pull down the tree though because it looks like it’s been around for a while. The post He tried to pull down a tree with his truck but he never expected THIS to happen appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
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Plenty of kids mess with their friends by contorting their bodies in bizarre ways. We all knew children who were inexplicably able to pull their shoulders out of their sockets or bend their thumbs back to their wrists. I’m sorry to say, however, that there might be a new King of Freaks on the playground. This boy effectively usurps the throne of weirdness by doing something absolutely insane with his neck. I know he’s probably done this a million times at this point, but is anyone else afraid that his neck is going to get stuck like that? All I [More]
OMG, the miracle of life looks so much more miraculous when it’s about these beautiful creatures. Giles Clark stood by this gorgeous mom for hours as she was nearing the critical stage of her delivery. The entire staff watched from afar as the newest member of this tiger family came to this world. Unfortunately, something was not right. As soon as the cub was born, mom’s cleaning was supposed to signal the lungs to start working, but after two minutes the baby only took a few short breaths. I gasped when the little one started breathing, but when I thought [More]
This is a wedding anniversary this couple will never forget. They set out to dive with the sea lions off the coast of La Paz, Mexico, but instead got a visitor that made their boat trip both scary and unbelievable. Their dive was cut short when they spotted some killer whales nearby, but as amazing as seeing Orcas in their natural habitat is, it’s what they did that made this trip unforgettable. While they were returning to their resort, the whales started playing in the wake of their boat. It was like watching the biggest and most dangerous dolphins in [More]
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Now that everyone and their mom, grandpa, and toddler has a smartphone, we’re presented with daily evidence for the true nature of humanity. That is, our tendency, when we’re in very apparent mortal danger, to stand there and watch. Or nowadays, to film what’s happening instead of running to safety. (Because if you didn’t film it and upload it to YouTube, it didn’t happen!) While this silly fact has given us some amazing viral videos, it’s still incredibly dangerous. Take, for example, these road workers near Elk City, Idaho, who were clearing debris when they noticed some rocks tumbling down [More]