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Every weekend thousands of people from Zagreb, Croatia visit the nearby flea market looking for the best deals, however since there’s not enough parking space, some of them park their cars on the land belonging to a local farmer. After multiple complaints this dude decided to take matters into his own hands in the most hilarious fashion. Weekend or not, every day is a good day for farming, so he took his tractor and his plough and let’s admit it, did what he had every right to do. As for those who parked there… I think they’ll take a bus [More]
If you’ve been overweight your entire life, losing that weight is the most difficult thing ever, both physically and mentally. It may be difficult, but as this Arizona man proved, not impossible. At the age of just 28, Pat Brocco weighed a staggering 605 lbs, however after one visit to the doctor he decided he would be fat Pat no more. His method of losing weight was unique, he decided to walk 1 mile to a local Walmart every times he was hungry. Soon, 6 miles a day turned to regular workouts and the food he was eating changed as [More]
On this episode we break down the science behind how the Green Lantern’s Ring Works! ————————————————————————————————- Failwhale34: Twitter: Insta: Support Hybrid Network! Connect with Hybrid Network! Twitch: Gaming Channel: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud:!/CBSDFW/status/180503646461624320 CBS 11 Dallas: It all started last week when pop star, Justin Bieber, tweeted “call me right now at” and then added a phone number with the Dallas area code, “214.” The problem is, Bieber typed a question mark in place of the last digit. And it turns out that number was pretty darn close to Fleming’s home number. Another message was left by a hopeless romantic. “Justin, I know you’re there and I love you so much. I’m sorry I called you so late, I just got your number. I love you, I love, I love you so [More]
The tailgate of your truck may seem like a great shooting platform, but most people know better. This guy sets his father up for one heck of a show when he forgets that the muzzle blast from a .50 cal is a force to be reckoned with. After just a couple shots the tail light is gone, but just look at how happy dad is. You know that smile is worth the cost some minor truck repair. The post VIDEO: New .50 cal rifle, new shooter, new tail light appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..