Lisa Jean just got a 100 round drum and bump-fire upgrade for her Ar-15. She gives a brief tutorial on installing the mods, then takes her new toy for a test drive. The fore-grip makes the bump mod that much easier to use. It’s raining brass in seconds. The post Watch the lovely Lisa Jean squeeze off a few in the desert appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
Remember Joshua Varozza, the hilarious guy from the “God Bless America ‘Dudeoir’ Country Collection” that went viral on Facebook back in June? Well, he’s back and this time, his photos are better than ever! Varozza’s new “Dudeoir Beach Collection” was just shared on Facebook yesterday and people are already going crazy! The photos were taken by his friend, Tami Bears, who also took the photos for the previous shoot. The new collection features Joshua doing everything from pretending to be a mermaid to being the sexy lifeguard. Keep on scrolling to take a look! More info: Facebook
Redditor GeorgeOnee has posted this super cute photo of a teeny-tiny hamster with a tiny cast and now the Internet can’t handle its cuteness. The poor fella broke its arm and was was brought into a vet’s office. Luckily, it was taken care of and given probably the world’s tiniest cast. “Insurance covered everything,” – later wrote George. Although we feel very sorry for this unfortunate guy, there’s just something super cute about pets with casts. Just take a look at these pics below… There’s just something super cute about pets with casts: Image credits: unknown Image credits: Faderaumator Image credits: Jeff Moore Image credits: City Wildlife Image [More]
Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith are on stage in the fourth Labour leadership debate in Glasgow Jeremy Corbyn And Owen Smith In Bitter Labour Leadership Debate Spat Over EU Referendum Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith clashed bitterly over the EU referendum on Thursday evening, as the two men took part in a live Labour leadership debate. Smith repeatedly asked Corbyn if he had actually voted ‘Remain’. And Corbyn hit back, accusing his rival of behaving like the Daily Mail. The two men also fought over the UK’s membership of Nato, the use of the word “lunatic”, Britian’s nuclear weapons, Labour’s [More]
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The thing I like about America’s Got Talent and the thing that makes it different than every other show is that you don’t need to be a singer to blow people’s minds. And with the Clairvoyants, minds were indeed blown. Instead of some physical talent, they decided to present their mental talent. They seem to be able not only to read the judges’ minds, but as you’ll see in the end, even control it. I’m not a believer in magic, but if someone doesn’t give a reasonable explanation to how they do it I’m calling this the Devil’s works, not [More]
This is the girl EVERYONE has been talking about for months. When 14 year old Sofie took the America’s Got Talent stage I just knew this would be no ordinary audition and I was so right. My body hurts just watching what this girl can do, yet she’s doing it as if it’s the most normal thing in the world. When I saw her eating an apple with her feet OVER her head I thought that was the big finale, but then she took a bow and arrow. I was shocked the judges didn’t think it was worthy of a [More]
One common thing with this type of situations is that the person involved never knows what hit them, and that’s what makes them so amazing. I watched this video and I was waiting for a cop to do something unexpected, but actually it’s the driver you need to pay attention to. He was pulled over for running a red light and after a routine search the officer found a suspicious object in the man’s pocket. It turned out he was just saving it for a girl who was in a car with him. Well, you can’t say he wasn’t original. [More]