A pair of fishermen found a 16-foot long constrictor frozen in the Chagrin River in Ohio. Sam Lincoln and his friend were fishing along the river when they found the big snake wrapped around a log. He posted an image of the snake to Instagram with the caption “When you’re trying to swing up some holiday steel and you don’t catch any fish but you catch a 16 foot constrictor instead.” While the snake he found is a constrictor, it is not actually a Boa. Mike Durkalec, an aquatic biologist from Cleveland Metroparks, says this isn’t the first time he’s [More]
One of the brightest pearls in Dolly Parton’s long career has to be Jolene. Even decades after it was originally released it keeps getting discovered by new, young audiences and it still sounds as fresh as when it first came out. Recently this rendition of the song Ms. Parton did with Pentatonix went viral, but when they appeared on the Voice they were joined by Miley Cyrus. Miley went back to her country roots and gave her unique flair to the song. It’s just another layer of awesomeness that keeps pushing this song up on my list of all time [More]
As difficult as having a baby is, moments like this make it all worth it. Mom captured an intimate moment between dad and their baby girl and once you see it you’ll know that this is what love looks like. The little girl was giggling happily as her dad caressed her gently, but once he started singing “You Are So Beautiful” what followed is the moment of true magic. You could see not only how much he loved her, but the pure adoration in the little human’s eyes is what every dad hopes to experience. She is indeed so beautiful. [More]
If you’re in good health, have a roof over your head and food on your table you’re already more fortunate than 75% of the world. If you have something extra, consider paying it forward because there are people not far away from you who are struggling. That’s what Alex Rios did. When this day care owner started his business, his chef got cancer. Throughout her ordeal she didn’t tell anyone and never missed work once even during chemo. Because of her incredible commitment and strength and because she is a beautiful person, her employer wanted to do something for her. [More]
18-month-old Asher Nash clearly loves the camera and everyone will agree he’s simply adorable. However, when his mom submitted his photos to talent agencies, she just wasn’t getting any call backs. When she asked why, she was told that it was because Asher has Down syndrome and the clients need to ask specifically for a model with disabilities. After sharing her experience on social media, thousands of people stood up in support of the little male model and sure enough, Asher got a call… not from a talent agency, but OshKosh B’gosh who wanted him specifically to be the face [More]
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You can usually count on your cat to fend for itself when it’s out and about in the neighborhood…unless your neighbors happen to be boa constrictors. This poor kitty thought that its life was over when a hungry boa struck, but a hero stepped in and released his feline friend from the snake’s clutches. Boa constrictors aren’t poisonous, so they rely on their brute strength when it comes to catching dinner. According to The Huffington Post, this kitty’s alive and well. That’s the benefit of having nine lives! Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/cat-vs-boa/