!/charlescwcooke/status/359454348184530946 What is Sally Kohn’s message about Detroit? Not everyone who heard it tonight on Fox News’ “Special Report” is quite sure, because it sounded as though she was blaming the GOP’s platform of cutting taxes and government spending for Detroit’s descent into bankruptcy — or at the very least suggesting that Republican policies would force more cities to go the way of Detroit. National Review’s Jonah Goldberg was among those who couldn’t quite place when it was that the GOP imposed crippling austerity programs on a city that’s been under Democrat control for six decades.!/RBPundit/status/359448268821889026!/BrianFaughnan/status/359450959035891716!/sallykohn/status/359451042380914688!/sallykohn/status/359454170476060674 [More]
UNILAD posted a video of a man and an eagle that’s quickly gone viral. We don’t know what a raptor sounds like, but I would assume it sounds just like the noises coming out of this eagle. It’s sounds like a freaking dinosaur. This bird is obviously a badass and 16 million people agree. The post Eagle sounds just like a dinosaur appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
Well it’s official, the majority of decision makers have lost any semblance of common sense. Some jack-wagon decided they were obligated to enforce a zero tolerance police for “anything resembling a firearm” and almost cost one family their entire vacation. While trying to board a Carnival Cruise ship at Port Canaveral in Florida, Henry Echevarria and his wife were stopped by an official. The problem? Henry was carrying a 2″ novelty house key that was shaped like a handgun. Henry couldn’t believe what was happening. “It’s my HOUSE KEY!” he told the port official, but logic doesn’t make sense anymore. [More]
All of us have so much to learn from this incredible young lady. Even though she’s just a kid she continues to inspire millions through her charity work and with her amazing personality. Life couldn’t have been harder for little A’Layah Robinson. She was born to a drug addict mother and spent most of her life moving in and out of foster families, which she says wasn’t fun at all. Nowadays, she spends time with her forever family and helping others, but the moment her adoptive mom learned what a special girl A’Layah is literally made me tear up. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
This is one of those little YouTube gems that make you wanna put it on loop and forget about your worries. Mom left the baby in his high chair while she tried to crack open a coconut when the most adorable thing happened. Apparently, cracking coconuts open is hilarious to 1 year olds. As soon as the boy heard the thud he just couldn’t stop laughing and God knows there’s nothing sweeter than baby’s laughter. That’s why you gotta love them, not only are they so darn adorable, they make for an amazing comedy show audience. Everything is funny. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
When Grayce the rescue pit bull gave birth to 11 puppies, she put all of them into her foster mom’s lap, one by one. “I think she feels unsure still as a new mom,” Stevoni Wells Doyle tells The Dodo. “And she needed love and reassurance from someone she loves and trusts.” Show Full Text The woman says Grayce had been neglected in her previous home, and “needed a safe environment to have her pups.” Doyle, who has fostered hundreds of dogs before, believes that animals need us: “We are their voice and we need to protect them.” However, never [More]
Having a bad day? Or perhaps your kids are driving you nuts? “Put a fish on it,” writes AliaGraceDolls on her Etsy shop. Show Full Text Made from organic cotton and filled with organic flax seeds and lavender, these fish-shaped eye pillows can be be warmed and cooled if desired. And according to their description “nothing beats the soothing feel of a cool fish on your face after a long hard day.” And this is not just any fish. AliaGraceDolls tells us to “Close [our] eyes and inhale…. the magical fragrance will transport you to the provincial country side of [More]
Cats tend to be simple, elegant drinkers. Dogs are not. At a recent summit on fluid dynamics, researchers from Virginia Tech and Purdue tried to explain why, with charming video footage to help.
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