People remember and honor those they admire differently. For talented artist Heather Rooney, she decided to honor the memory of her idol Robin Williams, who brought her so many laughs and smiles through the years, with this photorealistic pencil drawing of the late actor. Once you see her draw that first eye with her Prismacolor colored pencils, you just know this is going to be awesome. (Source: Heather Rooney) I can barely draw an acceptable looking human stick figure, watching this is just mind-blowing how something this realistic is possible. It’s really incredible how much her drawing looks like the [More]
A police officer in Turkey gave his life in an attempt to drive a group of rifle wielding terrorists away from a courthouse packed with civilians. Armed with nothing more than his side arm, the brave officer brought the fight to his enemies, and succeeded in pushing them back. The officer initially chased one terrorist down the street to a blue van that was concealing a second terrorist. The officer approaches the terrorists from the opposite side of the van. Sadly, he was shot in the back while attempting to move over a large open area while looking for cover. [More]
Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be the nice guy. While out for a drive, the biker is cut off by an impatient driver leaving a gas station. In his hurry to buy more gold chains and muscle tees, the negligent drive accidentally left his wallet and phone on the roof of his car. Fortunately the forgiving motorcyclist saw the wallet fall and tried to return it instead of just keeping the cash. The biker races to catch up, but the driver assumes the worst and flips the bird around the 0:35 min mark. Despite everything, the biker still tries [More]
Oh my goodness, this is just what I needed after a long day. It’s one of the sweetest things you’ll ever see and it’s all thanks to this adorable but so very tired little boy. He was on his way home with his family but was struggling to keep his eyes open. Yet he very politely answered all of his dad’s questions. Watch what happens when dad finally tells him it’s okay to take a nap if he wants to. It pretty much sums up how most of us feel after a busy day, am I right? This may just [More]
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There are over 285 million visually impaired people in the world, and some of these lives are about to get a lot better. South Korean developer Dot has produced the world’s first Braille smartwatch, and its features are just what you’d expect from a 21st century device. Show Full Text The Dot displays information using 4 active dynamic Braille cells, and its users can select the speed at which the characters update. The Dot connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth (just like any other smartwatch) and can receive any text from any app or service (think Messenger, directions from Google [More]
It’s no wonder our energy bills skyrocket during the winter. We’re inside more, which means we’re cranking the thermostat way up. While you could sacrifice your comfort to save some money, who wants to be dressed in layers of sweaters and coats when you’re inside? Not us! In an effort to avoid this, one man shares his money-saving secret for winter heating. All you need is some window tint! That’s right. Tint your home windows. YouTube / Gila Window Film It seems simple, but using window film can regulate heat like a boss. While it almost seems too good to [More]
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