Sara Jean Underwood has been traveling the country for more than a year now in one of the most epically America photo shoots we’ve ever seen. She’s wrapping things up after a fun day on the beaches of Hawaii when a pesky inflatable tube starts giving her trouble. It takes a little creative squeezing but she eventually gets it down.
It was all supposed to be a chill afternoon for this snowboarder as she carelessly made her way downhill listening to some music, but when she went home and reviewed the footage she realized she barely escaped death. So what really happened? Pay attention to the slope behind her and see just how close she was to being mauled by a bear. I jumped off my chair when I saw it. While there are a few skeptics out there that doubt the authenticity of the video, I gotta admit it looks pretty real (and scary) to me. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
Are you struggling with keeping your weight under control? No matter how much you work out and how meticulous you are at counting calories, nothing seems to work. This brilliant video may be onto the real reason why so many people are overweight. It’s not just what we eat, and how much calories we take in, it’s the modern lifestyle that makes us unhealthy. Fast life, fast food, fast relationships, it seems the only thing getting slow is our metabolism. But there’s always a choice… Follow this boy’s story in the video that wowed millions and it may inspire you [More]
Unusual, beautiful and smart enough to teach you a valuable life lesson, I think I may have just found my new favorite bird. This guy was just feeding the moorhens in his yard when all of a sudden they did something that made his video go viral. We’ve all fed pigeons at least once in our lives and it’s always a feeding frenzy, each bird for itself. The same goes for most birds, but pay attention to the food this moorhen is taking. It doesn’t just swallow it as fast as it can, it shares it with its buddies in [More]
Watch in HD :)) Recently I finished watching Nashville and I’m in love with Juliette,she is so amazing and funny,maybe not in season 4,but it doesn’t matter 😛 song: La la la – Shakira show: Nashville program: sony vegas pro 13
Have you heard? Supergirl and Powergirl got married! Show Full Text Also known as Carina and Soerine, the two female cosplayers from Denmark are known for their takes on Supergirl and Powergirl. Even though the two are both excellent cosplayers, they decided to be themselves on their wedding day – and we must point out, looked absolutely stunning doing so! But after the ceremony, Carina and Soerine headed to somewhere where cosplay is very popular…Japan! The perfect place for a honeymoon for Supergirl and Powergirl… Check out their fairy tale-like wedding pics below. More info: Rinaca Cosplay | Surine Cosplay (h/t) Carina and [More]
This exhibit at the St. Petersburg’s Zoo will make visitors shocked and say “awww.” A European lynx became besties with an ordinary cat when the homeless furball found shelter and food with this new large friend. Apparently the small cat considers the big cat to be her mother since being discovered as a kitten. The zoo adopted the kitten and the two have been inseparable since. Two fluffy peas in a pod. Love Meow Love Meow Love Meow Love Meow Check out this adorable clip of the pair taking turns keeping each other clean: What a purr-fect friendship! Share with [More]
Matteo Richetti torna a parlare della leadership di Matteo Renzi giustificando così la ragione per cui al momento no ci sono altre candidature possibili per la guida del partito
When kids misbehave, parents sometimes temporarily take away something they enjoy but don’t necessarily need. Video games, ice cream, their cellphones…but when 10-year-old Johnathan James did something his parents disapproved of, they took this idea to a horrific level, depriving the boy of water for five days. While that might seem ridiculous already, when you consider that our bodies are made up of more than 60% water and we need it to function, the reality of just how terrible this “punishment” was sets in. Watch this shocking news report by CNN, including a heartbreaking interview with Johnathan’s twin brother, who [More]
A cyclist was going about her business when a pair of scumbags in a van decided to become walking, talking stereotypes. They pull up along side her and start harassing her with typical cat-calls so cliche any writer worth his salt would be embarassed to include them in a B movie. The guy behind her almost mans up to help, but sees that she’s got the situation under control. The light turns green and the van speeds off, but she’s still pissed. She soon finds them a couple blocks away and takes revenge. That’s what you get!