It takes a little bit of explanation to truly appreciate how awesome this video is, but if you’re just here to watch something explode skip ahead to the 1:50 minute mark. For those who have never heard of it, the Prince Rupert’s Drop is a weird freak of physics that is both nearly indestructible and incredibly fragile at the same time. Long story short, when super-heated molten glass is poured into water, it immediately cools and forms a glass droplet with a bulbous head and long skinny tail. The head can withstand an incredible amount of force, far beyond the [More]
Disarm master and retired Marine Victor Marx demonstrates the ‘World’s Fastest Gun Disarm’ with a couple of volunteers at an open Q&A session. Sandwiched between two ‘muggers’ Victor is stuck with a gun pointed at his face and lower back. In one swift motion he disarms one mugger and dominates the second. With a weapon in his strong arm, he presses the handgun into the second mugger’s neck while using his weak arm to control their weapon. The post Looking down the barrel, Marine pulls of the world’s fastest double gun disarm appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
Wagner Lima, a 34-year-old cowboy from Paraiba, Brazil, died in a tragic motorcycle accident on New Year’s day, 2017. Lima was a beloved figure in his community and his passing was felt by everyone, including his horse Sereno. Anyone who knew Lima also knew Sereno. The inseparable pair were best friends and went everywhere together. No one was surprised to find Sereno standing with Lima’s friends and family at the funeral. Lima’s brother Wando told Globo News “This horse was everything to him. It was as if the horse knew what was happening and wanted to say goodbye.” When it [More]
For their third birthday this hair salon from Majorca decided to give a complimentary makeover to one customer. They chose Jose Antonio, a 55 year old homeless man who tried his best to make a living by serving as an unlicensed parking attendant. When he showed up at a salon Jose Antonio looked just like you’d expect a homeless person to look like, long and unkempt gray hair and beard, dirty outfit and lack of self-confidence. After they were done with him, he looked like a million bucks. Honestly, shaving a homeless man and giving him a bath is one [More]
Pigs are happiest rolling in the mud, right? But don’t think all piggies enjoy that kind of lifestyle, especially if there’s a cleaner and equally as refreshing alternative available. Ziggy the piggy took a little trip to the beach with his humans and his reaction after seeing the ocean (and getting his feet wet) will make you giggle, we promise. After all, ocean is just an extremely large puddle and honestly I expected him to be thrilled. It’s his little happy dance that took me by surprise, LOL. I bet you’ve never seen a pig as happy as Ziggy. This [More]
Back in 2004 veterinarian Melanie Butera received the most important patient in her life. At the time no one expected Dillie to live, she was born blind and rejected by her mother immediately after birth. The 3-day-old fawn was brought in by a farmer, weak and hungry, she was yet to have the first meal of her life but she ended up changing Melanie’s life. They’ve become a family, an usual one but family nevertheless, they’ve thrived on each other’s love and inspired millions who’ve seen their story. This is the story that proves that everyone has the power to [More]
Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” is one of those songs that transcends generations or music tastes. It’s one of those songs everybody loves and everyone’s heard millions of times. Reinventing it is virtually impossible because no one can come close to Elvis’ voice, right? Well, before you make that call, listen to this amazing cover. I’m not saying that this should even be compared to the King of Rock-n-Roll, but what this couple did is beautiful. They re-imagined the song as a soothing, mellow tune, almost a lullaby and I can’t get enough of it. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
If you’ve left your house since winter’s arrived, you’ve probably seen shoddy attempts at window art using a textured, white medium playfully referred to as “snow paint.” While the stuff is usually reserved to half-hearted snowman paintings at grocery stores, there are a few people out there who really know what to do with it. The U.K.-based family man behind this incredible window art has a knack for creating gallery-worthy wintery scenes that will make failed grocery-store artists hang their heads in snowy shame. Snow Windows Snow Windows Snow Windows Snow Windows Snow Windows Snow Windows Snow Windows What’s even [More]
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Central Florida Leadership Academy Orlando, Florida Substitute Teacher: Danny Singh Financial Literacy Christmas Party 2016 Thank you guys for a great class. I will miss you.