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et again fans are shocked when a child star grows up and does the things normal women her age do. After releasing a few bikini pics and a short video where she waggles her hips, 18-year-old former Disney star Bella Thorne has been getting grief from fans who hoped she would stay a child forever. The actress has been appearing on film and TV since the age of 5 and is now transitioning to more adult roles. The teen star lost her father when she was barely 10-years-old to a motorcycle accident. She suffers from dyslexia and has been homeschooled [More]
A 51-year-old man with a heart condition fought off a wild moose while out for a snowmobile ride with his son. While riding along a wooded trail, a moose crossed the snowmobile’s path. With little room to maneuver, the father starts making some noise hoping to scare the moose off their path. The moose isn’t scared at all, and quickly charges the snowmobile. After taking a hoof to the chest, dad draws his firearm and starts squeezing off rounds. It turns out that if you put enough holes in a moose, it will eventually fall over. The post Father armed [More]
Francesca Eastwood has inherited her father’s blue eyes and popularity with American men. This redheaded bombshell has made a name for herself through TV shows like Heroes Reborn and Final Girl. She’s following in dad’s footsteps with the release of her first western Outlawas and Angels that premiered late last year. Just like her father, Francesca is a fan of guns both on and off the screen. See her at the range in one of her video posts below. When she’s not gracing the silver screen, she’s ready to please fans everywhere modeling swimsuits and lingerie. See some of her [More]
If you’re lucky enough to have a friend in France like David, then you just might be able to get your hands on the Balle Flèche Sauvestre shotgun slugs. Designed for use in choked or unchoked, smooth bore or rifled, these slugs are meant to do it all. TAOFLEDERMAUS was able to get his hands of a few and took them to the range for a few test shots. The unique sub-caliber arrow has an incredibly dense core surrounded by soft lead with a plastic set of stabilizers on the back end. Encased in a pair of ring-shaped half shells, [More]
It’s a good thing this dad filmed this video. It can serve as evidence when DEA comes knocking at his door. He was picking up his daughter from school when the teacher gave him the look and told him there was a rumor there’s lots of weed at their house. Apparently the little one has been going about telling everyone that. Naturally when he came home he asked his daughter if she even knew what weed was but everything she said wasn’t really helping his case… so he asked her to show him. I burst out laughing when she took [More]
The first time I saw this video, my every sentence was starting with “Linda listen”… It’s contagious; you can’t help it, LOL. This mom was having hard time getting her boy to do what she says, not so much because she lacks authority, but because this three year old makes a good case about his every argument. I don’t know if he reminds me more of a politician or some drunk dude at a bar but I guess there’s not much difference. They’ll try their hardest to make you believe things you know are wrong, but Linda listen, even so [More]
Most people would say that music isn’t what it’s used to be. I say music is in good hands and this video proves me right. Two of the biggest names of Britain’s music scene joined forces to do a cover of Elton John’s timeless hit “Sacrifice” and it’s just incredible. James Blunt at the piano and Ed Sheeran playing the guitar, that’s music magic. The only difference between old music stars and musicians nowadays is the time. Will this cover stand the test of it remains to be seen, but something tells me future kids will refer to this as [More]!/PlannedSickDays/status/187024586884382720 UK fans celebrate 8th NCAA Title – Video 1.mp4: #BBN #MarchMadness #Lexington #Kentucky #Wildcats #FinalFour — Rob Bolson (@FollowBolson) April 3, 2012 RT @JohnxDiaz: We finally have pictures from Lexington! — Tony R. Myhre (@trmyhre) April 3, 2012 #NCAAFinals PHOTO –> RT @MattNorlander: You've been warned, Lexington. — CBS Sports (@CBSSports) April 3, 2012 The #lexingtonpolicescanner is pure entertainment right now.. — Dustin Fox (@DustinFox37) April 3, 2012 "Do you have a fire extinguisher she can use?" #LexingtonPoliceScanner — Landthieves (@LandThieves) April 3, 2012 #classy RT @AlexRainbolt: Pic from Lexington. Wow. — мεgнαηη [More]
Senior Director of Digital Strategy Cassiah Jay sits down with General Manager of the United States Brett Webb to discuss network marketing leadership and exciting updates to our North America team and events schedule. Experienced in the network marketing industry for more than 20 years, General Manager of the U.S. Brett Webb has worked in every position from customer service to international logistics. He knows what it takes to makes Distributors successful, and he works toward supporting that success for every Distributor. After all, he says, it’s the most fun when everyone can enjoy success together. In addition to introducing [More]