When Lacey Buchanan was pregnant, she had no idea what was in store for her. She was excited to know that she was pregnant and that she was having a boy. But, as her baby grew, something went wrong. Doctors weren’t sure what was happening to the small child inside of her… And many people suggested she abort the baby. But this mother refused to give up on her unborn child (grab your tissues). Once Christian was born, Lacey had to be even stronger. People would stare, ask questions, and judge her family without knowing the truth. One person even [More]
Let’s face it, one of the biggest perks of attending college is the view. Here are the 10 winners of the hottest “student body” competition. Just think, you’re able to enjoy it all from your phone or computer without shelling out a cent of tuition or student loan fees! 10. Texas A&M University Coming Soon: Spraaang Breaaak. A photo posted by Weekend Schemers (@theweekendschemers) on Feb 2, 2017 at 11:56am PST 9. University of Texas Add Us On Snapchat: CampusGems Follow @campussnaps A photo posted by Hot Campus Girls (@hotcampusgirls) on Jan 25, 2017 at 11:27am PST 8. Michigan State [More]
The guys at Street Outlaws decided to pull a Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor and give their spinning office chair a little more power. After securing the base with ratchet straps and mounting a pair of nitrous tanks to the sides, they gave the “test pilot” a helmet and buckled him in. As soon as the string is pulled, they realize they may have made a mistake. AZN spins faster and faster as he’s pushed to what seems like the human limit for withstanding G force without blacking out. After it was all said and done and AZN had a [More]
A minor fender bender descended into chaos after one driver made a huge mistake. The entire event was captured on video by the dashcam of a passing car. This video was taken somewhere in Russia where nearly everyone drives with a dashcam. After being rear-ended, a woman exits her vehicle to survey the damage, but forgets to put her car in park. She scrambles to regain control of her runaway automobile, but can’t quite make it back inside the cabin. As the slowly rolling car picks up speed, she falls out and is run over by her own ride. After [More]
Mike Davenport, aka the Louisville Chevy Dude, takes us to the Bachman Chevrolet show room to abuse a brand new $100k Z06 Corvette. He sprays a stripe of black Krylon on the hood and lets it dry just to prove a point about a new product. Xzilon, a product originally invented for commercial aircraft, uses “molecular adhesion” to make a permanent protective layer bond to the paint surface at a molecular level. Paint jobs last longer and protect metal surfaces from corrosion. Whether it’s bugs, tree sap, bird droppings or a graffiti artist’s idea of a joke, nothing sticks to [More]
(image source; Facebook/Marcus Pass) Marcus Pass was eating lunch when the sound of a rude teenager’s laughter distracted him from his meal. What happened next has become a viral sensation overnight. Marcus wrote about his experience on Facebook: Rant of the day…. eating lunch at zaxbys and over hear some young man laughing about an older gentleman in the bathroom that couldn’t get off the toilet. So I proceed to walk in and can hear this man crying on the toilet I ask him if he’s ok he said that his legs were to weak to stand up and he [More]
This is not the first story we shared which proves that kindness in contagious, but seeing the smile on this boy’s face surely makes it one of the most emotional. Recently a story of a Waffle House security guard who saw a homeless father and son and took them in spread like wildfire all over social media. Now, only 11 days later, a lot has changed for them. The father, 37 year old Lamont Hammond now has a place his boy can call home. Still, an empty apartment isn’t much of a home but that’s where the kind viewers stepped [More]
Based on T.S. Eliot’s “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats,” this wonderfully imaginative show features breathtaking music, including one of the most treasured songs in musical theater — “Memory.” Winner of 7 Tony Awards® including BEST MUSICAL, CATS tells the story of one magical night when an extraordinary tribe of cats gathers for its annual ball to rejoice and decide which cat will be reborn. Featuring a cast of beautiful dancers and singers and the original Tony-winning sets and costumes, this beloved hit is still Broadway’s most unforgettable event. Tune into this year’s 71st Annual Tony Awards, Sunday June 11th [More]
Every time a cat comes near, Sandra is terrified–even crying at the sight of kittens. At the final step of exposure treatment, Dr. Zasio challenges Sandra to reach out and touch one. Subscribe to Animal Planet: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=animalplanettv
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