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The Taurus Raging Judge Magnum is simply gargantuan both in its size and versatility. It can handle a .410 gauge shell, a .45 long colt, and the ridiculously massive .454 casull round. This video takes us through all the Raging Judge has to offer and finishes it off with a little Dragons Breath. The post Video shows the only revolver to make the Judge look like a cap gun appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
Charlie Classic is just about to head over to a friend’s house when his hot but mildly psychotic girlfriend stops him. She’d rather he just stay home with him, and given her outfit Charlie is understandably conflicted. Ultimately he decides to leave, but not before she makes adds a little insurance policy to their relationship. The post Psychotic but hot girlfriend goes to extreme lengths to keep him faithful appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
This woman is lucky to be alive after jumping from the La Negra Two bridge between Santa Cruz and Cocabamba in central Bolivia. Shyrleny Ribera, a local resident, was in the area with her family and stopped to watch the young woman jump. Ribera captured the tragic jump on video. “We were in the area and approached there to look at it, as it is not very common to see this kind of sport in the area,” she said according to BREAK (translated). “We saw the lady jumping and for unknown reasons she ended up crashing against the river ground, [More]
Here’s the data for all the doubters out there. Yes, a pocket shot can fire at 349 feet per second. Shocking we know. That’s faster than some viewers’ compound bows! The post Pocket shot chronograph data appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
Is there a more hated member of the animal kingdom than wasps? Sure, there are some insects that are more feared (spiders, scorpions, etc.), but talk to anyone about wasps and it’s very unlikely you’ll hear anything even slightly supportive of them. If you’re like most people, you already hate these buggers…a fact which will make the following video of a researcher excavating a giant wasp’s nest in New Zealand entirely terrifying. Even though he was wearing all that protective gear, this particular researcher still walked away with a few stings. Those wasps meant business! Read more:
My name is Thomas Dambo, I’m a Danish artist who works with recycled materials. Over the last 3 years I made 25 big recycled sculptures around the world. Recently I made 6 hidden giants in my hometown of Copenhagen. Show Full Text The sculptures are found in some of my favorite places around the city, places where people don’t go to often, because it’s off the beaten track. The sculptures can only be found by using a treasure map, or a poem engraved into a stone near each sculpture. These give hints on how to find the different giants. I’ve [More]