Meet the JAG Grill, a modular BBQ fire pit table that’s here just in time for summer. The JAG Grill comfortably seats up to 8 people around a fire pit built for wood burning or charcoal. Each person has their own private grill space to cook whatever they want, however they want. The grill also includes a separate raised bed center cage that’s perfect for grilling corn and other veggies. After dinner you can tuck in for a s’more filled dessert. Would you give this table a try? The post Bring on Summer with the BBQ table fire pit appeared [More]
When it comes to accepting homosexuality, no one is quite as resistant as ISIS. Nothing pisses off these humorless terrorists more than a couple of men expressing their love physically. Since these aren’t the most tech savvy of our enemies, it’s been realitively easy for one hacker in particular to break in to their social media accounts used to recruit new members. The hacker known as WachulaGhost said “we started to take over their accounts with porn and gay pride images basically just to troll them. We thought that putting the naked images would offend them.” He made his first [More]
Four years ago a pregnant Sudanese woman and her children found refuge in the United States. Her husband and the children’s father was stuck in a refugee camp back in Africa with no way of joining them. In four years the woman found inseparable friends who helped her get accustomed to the new country, helped her deliver her baby and led the campaign for bringing her husband over. Now, after all this time it was time for her story to have a happy ending. They could all barely contain their excitement as the plane landed and it was tears all [More]
I’d never thought a 90 year old lady would put my physical capabilities to shame, but it just happened. I wouldn’t even compare Johanna Quaas to other ladies her age because this agile gymnast can outperform women half her age. Usually, the female gymnasts are in their teens when they reach their competitive prime, but here we have this grandma who’s pushing 100 and she is AMAZING. This is her performance on parallel bars from several years ago and she deserves every bit of that applause she got. What’s your excuse for not being physically active? goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // [More]
I wonder how many times lady walk by random soldiers and thought she was seeing her son. Well it turned out this one time she wasn’t imagining things. This soldier told his mom he’d be coming home the following month but instead came early. Rather than knocking on her door or doing some big homecoming surprise, he let her find him. He took a newspaper and pretended to be just another guy in the street. With his face behind the newspaper and his shades on, I have no idea how she recognized him but I love the reaction. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
Dan Peña on the military and leadership. FULL EPISODE: Dan Pena is an American Businessman, Entrepreneur & Mentor Bulletproof Coffee SUBSCRIBE: Dan Peña is by far one of the most eccentric American businessmen I have ever met, and I’ve seen my fair share over the years. Dwelling in the 550 year old Guthrie Castle in Scotland, Dan was originally known for turning $820 into $450 million in the oil business in the 1980s. Since then he has taken a break from the business world to focus on mentoring elite executives and boasts a net worth creation of [More]
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