A crocodile trainer in Thailand had some time to reflect on his life choices while a big lizard slung him around like a rag doll. The trainer placed his head between the teeth of the mighty croc, but when he tried to pull away the jaws snapped shut. The croc immediately started slinging the man around by his head to the gasps of tourists taking a video. So how was your day? It couldn’t have been much worse than this. The post Trainer puts head in croc’s mouth, jaws snap shut and he’s tossed around like a rag doll appeared [More]
What do you get when you mix a couple gas station daggers with vinyl duct tape and a stun gun? This monstrosity! Like something out of a zombie apocalypse movie, the “stun sword” in this video is as ridiculous as it is delightful. Insulated with some simple rubber padding and electrical tape, the dagger will deliver one heck of a shock without phasing the user. See it in action below. The post Home-made dagger has a nasty surprise, just press the button appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
Translating a song into dance moves is one thing, performing it with this kind of perfection on ice is something completely different. I can only imagine how much practice and training it took to get these two to master their routine but eventually it paid off. Vanessa James and her partner Morgan Cipres recently competed at 2017 World Team Trophy in Tokyo and even though France didn’t win, this performance got by far the best scores. I’m not much of a ice skating fan but this is mind-blowing. If you like the music you can hear it here. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
When it comes to kids, it’s not how healthy or nutritious food is, if you want to get them to eat their fruits and veggies you gotta make it look fun. This mom has a simple two ingredient recipe for orange jelly wedges that is not only fun to look at, fun to eat, but it contains every bit of vitamins you can find in regular oranges. Plus, bonus points for not being messy. It is so simple even if you’re a complete novice in the kitchen it will make you look like a super mom. Remember this the next [More]
That bouquet of flowers you got for your anniversary may look gorgeous and full when you get it, but chances are when you put it in a vase it leans and looks cheap and dying (unless the vase is just the right size) Ironically the way to make it look lush and fresh is so easy and won’t cost you a penny and best of all you can use any vase you want. The trick is in using a tape to divide the opening of the vase into several sections. Now you can arrange the flowers any way you like [More]
This piece of hardware may look like something you’d find on a junkyard or a piece of modern art, and even though you may not have seen it before chances are you’ve heard it dozens of times. This is actually an instrument designed by sound effects artist for one specific task – making that spooky atmosphere you can see in most horror movies. True, you can’t play any songs on it but there’s no other instrument in the world that can make the tiny hairs on your neck stand up. It does look pretty unintimidating, but wait till you hit [More]
Next time you see a big, terrifying dog barking at you, remember this story. Because after you watch a big, bad boxer nervously approach a feather of all things, you’ll know his bark is certainly worse than his bite. No matter how fast you end up running away to avoid it! Don’t worry little…err…big guy. Us non-scary humans will muster up the courage to protect you from the terrifyingly fluffy feather! Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/dog-feather/
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