Vampire Science. In other words, the EDA Book to truly start the range off! The Episode 04 I will be taking a look at this highly acclaimed Doctor Who book by Kate Orman and Jonathan Blum. TJ Productions – Thank you very much for tuning into my channel. If you enjoyed this video and want to see more, subscribe to TJ Productions for more snazzy Doctor Who content!. CHANNELS TJ Productions: TJ Extras: PLAYLISTS Playlist Page: The Showcase Series: Reviews: Big Finish Reviews: Top Tens: Collections: Unboxings: UPCOMING VIDEOS Upload Schedule: [More]
Just Add MILK Science + Art Kit MILK Art Experiment! Watch the COLORS! What happens when you put food coloring in milk and add dish soap? Watch to find out what happens. Thank you Toy Insider for sending us this to try! We are The Greers! Macey and Hailey are two unique, crazy, funny sisters who love toys and love watching YouTube! So we combined the two and made a YouTube channel where we open toys and do challenges and anything wacky or silly! We love Shopkins, LaLaloopsy, Minecraft, Funko Mystery Minis, tokidoki, My Little Pony, Disney and any [More]
I think surprise parties are the best, but some people totally hate them. Even if those trying to make your day have the best of intentions, their surprise can make your anxiety peak. That initial shock sometimes causes people to do some crazy things… When one Spanish teacher was taken aback by his students singing the Spanish version of “Happy Birthday,” he was not pleased at all. A student tried to take a selfie with him to mark the occasion, but the teacher did something completely crazy. Watch what happened in the video below. Read More: He Kept His Daughter’s [More]
After a night drinking and binging on hard drugs, 27-year-old Richard Thomas broke into the Greater Manchester home of a female acquaintance and raped her. Thomas was arrested and he plead guilty to the rape although he claims he cannot remember the events of that night. He said his victim “would not lie, she tells the truth. If she says I have done it, I have done it,” according to his barrister, Virginia Hayton. Hayton told the Telegraph that Thomas “is remorseful and cannot understand why he did it and it is troubling him.” Judge Mark Brown of the Liverpool [More]
US Army Special Operations Command has partnered with Raytheon to develop a helicopter-based high energy laser weapon. An Apache helicopter was outfitted with the sci-fi weapon for a test at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. On June 26th Raytheon called the results a “breakthrough” in laser-based weapon technology. “It was the first time a fully integrated laser system successfully shot a target from a rotary-wing aircraft over a wide variety of flight regimes, altitudes and air speeds, proving the feasibility of laser attack from Apache,” Raytheon said in a press release. “The system tracked and directed energy [More]
Someone do a physical on this guy because I have doubts he may not be human. Holy smoke, it is as if every bone in his body is double jointed. Naturally, when you have that kind of talent there’s only one thing you can do – blow people’s minds with your dance moves. The name is Stephane Deheselle but most people in the business know him only as “S”. What makes him so amazing is not only his moves but how fluid and easy he makes it all look. If there’s more of his videos let us know because a [More]
We can safely say there’s no magician in the world who can do what this French guy did on America’s Got Talent. Tony uses technology and video projection along with his magician skills to tell a story and dazzle the judges and the audience, but unlike any other illusionist out there, he’s got an ace up his sleeve. Sure his act started off like you would imagine, but that moment when he stepped from behind that screen made my jaw drop. With this kind of advantage over other people doing magic, I want to see more of him. Awesome. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
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Smudge watches Rusty leave. I’d love to hear in the comments section down below if you think that Rusty was as invested in his friendship with Smudge as Smudge was. Or if you think it was selfish of Rusty to run off and leave his friend behind.