Hope you enjoy the cute speedpaint of Smudge pestering his lazy neighbor Henry. Do you believe that Henry truly traveled into the woods and met wildcats, and if so who do you think he ran across? Was it ThunderClan or some other group? Comment down below!
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It’s no secret that the meal options at McDonald’s are…less than healthy. A Big Mac alone has over 560 calories in it…but what’s a Big Mac without a medium fries (378 calories) and a medium Coca-Cola (210 calories)? That’s nearly 1150 calories…in ONE meal! If the calorie count alone doesn’t turn you off, consider what happens when you pour molten copper all over a fresh Big Mac…it may make you swear off the fast food chain for good. (via Design Taxi) That doesn’t seem natural, right? I mean…that wouldn’t happen with real food! What’s in there?? Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/big-mac/
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While cheetahs might look like majestic and dangerous beasts, actually, they are very nervous beings. They get so anxious, they don’t know how to socialize with each other and get too stressed to have sex. That’s why they needed help as they’re becoming extinct – and the solution came in the most unexpected form… Show Full Text Seeing that cheetahs need some assistance, for years now zoo keepers have been assigning these animals their very own… emotional support dogs. “It’s a love story of one species helping another species survive,” said Jack Grisham, vice president of animal collections at the [More]
Princess in her elderly years gets feisty! What was your favorite speedpaint from this week? Love to hear down below!
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A fishing trawler off the coast of Canada discovered a crate full of 19th century muskets that have spent the last century and a half under water. No one knows how the cache ended up on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean about 200 miles off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. The 600 lb safe covered in sea-life was transferred to Memorial University’s archaeology department in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Now researchers are working to restore the twenty 1853 Enfield rifled muskets back to their original glory. While the iron barrels and lock plates were almost completely destroyed by salt water, [More]
Everyone knows that there’s no such thing as “healing crystals,” but some people always buy the crap these mystical charlatans are selling. Turns out that some snake oil salesmen tell the same lies so often they start to believe think they’re telling the truth. Case in point, this delusional “energy shield master” who thinks he has the ability to summon an invisible force field. He convinces the man in black to sit in front of him and try to penetrate the shield. Dude in black is a little hesitant and pulls his punch trying not to hurt this idiot, but [More]
All of you who are our regular visitors know how much we LOVE this little girl, and we’re not alone. Her name is Claire Ryann and not only is she super adorable, she also has a singing career and half a million YouTube fans. After she melted millions of hearts by singing some of her favorite songs you can watch here, here and here, this time she and her dad perform the theme from “Toy Story”. I swear “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” never sounded so cute. Listening to this makes me believe that as much as I love [More]