A sentinel was alarmed when he heard people laughing in the crowd at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It’s a place where people come to reflect silently about the ultimate price some soldiers pay for the Freedom of our country. There are areas all around where people can appropriately carry on a conversation and have fun as tourists, this is one meant for respect and stillness. The sentinel rather calmly, but sternly, states his request rather than “yelling” at the crowd. The effect is immediate. What would you have done? Feel free to let us know in the Facebook [More]
Ryan Anderson’s Freestyle run at Monster Jam Syracuse ended with big crowd pleaser. As the timer ran out, the Son of the Gravedigger ended his run with his rear tires in the air. The crowd went wild as he took control of the vehicle on 2 wheels and moonwalked backwards across the Carrier Dome. Jump ahead in the video to the 2:08 minute mark for the big finish. The post Monster truck makes the longest moonwalk for the win appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
It’s getting harder and harder for gun owners living in California. They’re basically left with only two options, heavily modify their weapons to meet ridiculous state standards or move to Idaho. Here’s a bolt-action Glock built by a guy who’s not that fond of potatoes. The post Bolt-action Glock is “California compliant” appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
Anyone who lives near the country will tell you what a nuisance wild boar have become. With many states allowing no limit hunting year round, farmers and land owners are doing everything they can to bring the boar population in check. Meet the Boar Buster, a remote control trap that can collect an entire herd of pigs with the push of a button. This revolutionary system can be remotely monitored and operated from virtually anywhere with a tablet, smartphone, or computer. The automated trap sends an email message to the owner whenever something steps inside. See it in action with [More]
It had been 12 days since this dog owner had last seen his faithful friend. Running out of options, the owner continued to go back to the woods where his dog had disappeared. It was there that he met a pair of hunters who gave hip a tip that saved the day. The owner posted his story to the social media website Reddit under the username a_little_pixie. On day 12 of searching for my dog in a heavily wooded area, distraught and hopeless, I ran into a couple of hunters. They said they lost the occasional dog on a hunt [More]
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