In this cuts compilation, Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand explore what to do if you ever get a cut, big or small! You can buy the book here and download the series here Operation Ouch is packed with incredible facts about the human body and fronted by identical twins Dr.Chris and Dr. Xand van Tulleken who experiment and explore their way through the fascinating world of medicine and biology. This series will de-mistify hospitals for younger viewers; no longer will the hospital be a “scary” place to go as we learn all the exciting things that go on [More]
Watch Seasons 1-3 of the Netflix Original Series Project Mc², available now! Now you can perform cool S.T.E.AM. experiments at home again and again, just like on Project Mc²! Use you cosmetic chemistry skills, just like Adrienne Attoms, with these three cool kits. #PrettyBrilliant The Perfume Maker lets your formulate your own perfume using household ingredients. The H²0 Nail Science Kit helps you create one-of-a-kind nail designs by using a scientific process called hydrographic printing to create amazing and unique marble designs. And use the Crayon Makeup Science Kit to design your own custom lipstick shades and blends. Project Mc² [More]
TAOFLEDERMAUS takes a break from prototype shotgun slugs to answer an interesting question. Will a $75 ACOG clone hold zero on a 12 gauge shotgun? Actual ACOG optics aren’t cheap, but these clones built for airsoft are usually sold for less than $100. Jeff was surprised when he opened the box to find a seemingly decent piece of hardware instead of a plastic “happy meal toy.” Further inspection showed that the airsoft clone was more complex than expected, but the true test would come on the range. Using a fully rifled Mossberg 500 loaded with 1 oz. slugs, Danny takes [More]
(image source; Facebook/Casey Carpenter) Casey Carpenter pulled her husband’s sweat shirt before going grocery shopping, but she wasn’t prepared for a stranger’s response to the United States Marine Corps. insignia on the front. She wrote about her experience on Facebook, I went to Kroger tonight wearing one of my husband’s sweatshirts. I got in line to check out and the man in front of me asked if the sweatshirt was mine. I said ‘oh no, it’s my husband’s.’ It caught me pretty off guard, to say the least. He then asked if Austin was with me so he could say [More]
Texas is dealing with one of the worst floods in history, but one man is finding some joy amidst the chaos. Saul Saldana and his daughter Viviana were waiting out the flood, which had filled the bottom level of their home, when they noticed something swimming in their living room. Viviana grabbed her camera and Saul started trying to catch the intruder with his bare hands. It took a few attempts, but Saul finally caught the fish! It was a joyful moment during one of the worst weeks of their lives. Viviana shared the video on Facebook where it quickly [More]
These 4 girls came up with this arrangement for “How Great Thou Art” while hanging out one evening on the living room floor. If anyone had told them that it would go on and get hundreds of thousands of views I don’t think they would have believed them. Yet, months later, the song has become their favorite way to close their sets and it’s been shared by thousands of people worldwide. When you listen to it, you’ll understand why it has become the fans’ favorite. Even if you’re not a religious person it will make you feel closer to God, [More]
Because whales are enormous, most people consider them as slow animals that move lazily in the water. I admit I was one of them and the video you’re about to see totally blew me away. Can you imagine how much power it takes to propel a 40-ton Humpback whale completely out of the water? What kind of speed they need to reach in order to go flying like this? This is one of the most amazing sights I’ve seen and I hope these guys realize how fortunate they are to have been able to witness it in person. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
Let’s face it, you can be the best singer in the world, but if you want an epic performance with a sense of grandeur you can’t do it alone. I thought there was limit to how many people can audition at once on Britain’s Got Talent, and even if there was, I’m glad they made an exception for Presentation School Choir. 60 girls took stage and attempted one of the most epic performances of Ave Maria ever. Chills that were going down my spine the entire duration of their performance prove they succeeded. Just listen. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube player [More]
A Dog Named Otis Is Walking Around Sinton Tx Carrying A Entire Bag Of Dog Food With Him source This Policeman Worked Countless Hours Helping Victims Of Hurricane Harvey Until He Passed Out From Exhaustion source A Furniture Store In Texas Is Providing Shelter And Food For Hurricane Victims source My Friends Out Rescuing People And Pets In Houston Today And Taking A Break For Donuts. Closed Unfortunately. Good People! source Dog Hanging On During Houston Flooding. She Was Rescued! source Seniors In La Vita Bella Nursing Home In Dickinson Texas Waiting To Be Rescued source America 2017 In One [More]
The recent galaxy sweets trend has brought us some otherworldly foods but this one is certainly a cherry on top of the cosmic culinary. Ukrainian pastry shop Musse Confectionery has developed a galaxy eclair recipe, and it’s leaving people drooling. Each finger-licking piece features aesthetic interstellar icing of various shades of blue, purple, and pink. The swirling glaze is dusted with ‘stars’ and it’s hard to believe that everything is made with simple ingredients (mostly, sugar and food coloring). The eclairs come in 5 flavors: classic vanilla, pistachio, raspberry, salted caramel, and chocolate. Looks like NASA should consider a refueling [More]