Sibling rivalries are nothing new. It seems like kids always want to pick on each other when they’re little, and most will go to elaborate lengths to do so. While the big fights tend to leave lasting impressions, the little digs add up over time. Just look at what this girl did to her brother, for example. While they were sitting at a restaurant one day, she decided to have a little fun (at his expense, of course). What started as a simple prank quickly turned into something hilarious! He went from angry to amused in a matter of seconds. [More]
Disclaimer: All contents belong to its rightful owner. Our Nation’s Leader, Kim Jonghyun… thank you for all your hard work. You’ve shown us your talent. You’ve shown us your leadership. You lead four groups selflessly for the whole season You sacrificed your parts in every performance even if it cause you less screentime. You were never greedy of the center position and just stayed at the back encouraging others. You help your members shine even you, yourself were overshadowed by them. You smiled when you got 1st place and you still smile when you got 14th place. How can you [More]
To the women who won their place in political leadership – congratulations. However, if you feel under pressure, it’s not your imagination – it’s real. You will be watched, criticised and held to a higher standard than your male counterparts. It is what it is.
We may be 52% but we Don’t matter unless we matter. We must get involved. If we sit it out, we only have ourselves to blame. Make the 52% count.
ATN Bangla Uncut Audio Shabnur and Joy in Sense of humor.
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In August of 2006, a small yacht called the Maiken encountered a bizarre shadow on the ocean. Upon closer inspection they discovered what they called a “stone sea” as millions of small rocks appeared to float on the water’s surface. Crew member Håkan Larsson reported in his daily blog, We left Neiafu and Vava’u yesterday after some tedious checking out procedures and set sail for Fiji, passing the north side of Late island as first way point. After five miles we noticed brown, somewhat grainy streaks in the water. First we thought that it might be an old oil dumping. [More]
Luke Williams and Ashla Taylor from Rated Red are back with another fishing challenge. In this episode the pair of anglers set off to find out which bait is best, Slim-Jims or Tootsie Rolls. Ashla will be working with the smokey meat sticks while Luke plays with the sweet treats. Which weird bait to you think will catch the most fish? The post She finds out which bait is best, Slim-Jims or Tootsie Rolls appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
Live in luxury with the swankiest RV on the road. This special recreational vehicle features a hidden garage that can carry a small sports car. With the push of a button, garage opens up and dispenses the secondary vehicle. See it in action in the video below. The post Luxury RV has dispenses a hidden sports car at the push of a button appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..