A young man wants to take a young girl on a date but there are two problems, her father doesn’t like him and he’s a complete moron. He decides to ask the young girl’s father for her number through Facebook messenger. What follows is a fantastic dialog between the worst example of a ‘gentleman caller’ and an eloquent father just trying to save his daughter from the biggest mistake of her life. (image source; imgur) Continued on page 2 The post Dad’s hilarious text battle ruins rude teen trying to date his daughter appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
Keith from the Tactical Rifleman pays a visit to Nemesis Arms’ David Ives for a closer look at the Valkyrie collapsible rifle. The Valkyrie is an ambidextrous bolt-action precision rifle that has been growing in popularity since it was featured in film and television series like The Bourne Legacy, Person of Interest, and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. This take-down rifle can be easily collapsed and carried in a back pack along with a bi-pod, optics, and suppressor. Watch Ives assemble and disassemble the weapon before Keith squeezes off a few shots in the video below. The post Collapsible precision rifle [More]
When you have an entire airplane full of talented performers you can expect this kind of amazing to happen. It was the day after the launch announcement of “THE LION KING” musical in Brisbane, Australia and the crew was still hyped when they boarded their flight to Sydney, so someone spontaneously started singing “The Circle of Life” and then this happened. By the end of it I was expecting this guy to lift the kid up like Simba, LOL. I don’t care if they fly around the globe, I want to be there if I’ll get to experience this in [More]
This girl is not only a talented singer/songwriter, (even more importantly) an amazing big sister. She was inspired by her little brother who was born with Down syndrome to write a song dedicated to him and it’s so sweet we’re delighted we can share it. First I have to say I LOVE the song, but their interaction and the way they look into each other’s eyes is so adorable my heart has melted into a puddle. Whether you like the music or showing people what a brother-sister relationship should be like, I think this deserves a share, don’t you agree? [More]
Teaching you kid to respect and take care of animals is the least you can to send them on their way of becoming good human beings. This photo of an exhausted young boy and his bovine friend taking a nap together at Iowa State Fair went viral recently and the story behind it is more heartwarming than you can imagine. The boy, Mitchell Miner was preparing his dairy cow Audri for the show for weeks, and on the day of the show he woke up at 3AM to get her ready. In the end he and Audri finished fifth, but [More]
Thousands marched down Los Angeles as part of a global movement protesting against the harmful political interference of science on April 22. Thousands of people joined the Los Angeles March for Science, which was also held across major cities around the world. This timelapse footage shows demonstrators gathering near the Los Angeles City Hall. Scientists and immigrants voiced their opposition to US President Donald Trump and his government’s policies on climate change, scientific innovation and immigration, the Los Angeles Times reported. Credit: Fight For 15 Los Angeles via Storyful
On Christmas Eve back in 2002, 27-year-old Laci Peterson went missing from her home in Modesto, California. She was eight months pregnant at the time. In April 2003, Laci’s body and that of her unborn son, Connor, were found in San Francisco Bay. Though Scott swore he had nothing to do with her disappearance and murder, police began believing otherwise when it was revealed that he had been cheating on Laci with multiple other women — most notably, Amber Frey. She hadn’t known he was married until finding out from watching local news that he was a person of interest [More]
Houston, Texas, is currently experiencing catastrophic levels of flooding due to the torrential rains being dumped in the region by tropical storm Harvey. Five people have been reported dead so far, many more are injured, and thousands have been displaced. But as people flee to save themselves, many are forgetting to take their animals with them, and as you can see from these heartbreaking pictures, dogs are being left behind to fend for themselves in what might be the worst flood in the history of Houston. Despite Texan officials repeatedly warning people about leaving their pets and livestock behind, one [More]
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