A soldier with a helmet cam is sent flying after he runs too close to the backblast from a recoilless rifle. According to Funker530, the soldier firing the weapon did everything correctly, checked his backblast properly, and called out that he was firing. Fortunately no one was injured and everyone had a good laugh. The only truly tragic moment in this video happens at 0:23 when the helmet-cam soldier denies his buddy’s high-five. Some say that soldier is still there to this day, waiting for his high five.  The post Rocket backblast flattens soldier appeared first on America. Girls. [More]
It’s a cliché when they say it’s a small world but it really is true. You know how there’s a belief that any two random people in the world have no more than 6 degrees of separation, but what are the odds of an international superstar like Adele who performed in a foreign country running into a person who’s only 1 degree of separation. She was just chatting with the audience during her concert in Amsterdam, when she invited two girls on stage. They introduced themselves and then the singer came to a stunning realization. This is unbelievable and I [More]
When this self-taught musician faced the judges with nothing but a keyboard in front of him, you could tell they were intrigued by him. There are some diamonds in the rough out there. But the real shock came when they learned he hadn’t prepared a song… the boy decided he would just wing it. Let’s face it, improvised performances tend to sound terrible unless you’re an educated pianist with years of experience, so you can imagine how the judges felt when he started playing THIS. I’d be impressed had he composed and rehearsed this prior to auditioning, but knowing he [More]
Kitten Dyckson. A new toy, the pendulum. Funny video about cats-8xrajTdXxp4
Click to unmute Pranava is releasing a line of products that make hair change its color like tree leaves in Autumn. However, the secret of the highly anticipated Vivids Mood Color isn’t photosynthesis. It’s temperature. “What makes it unique is that it’s the first-ever heat reactive color on the market,” Lissette Cruz, product development manager at Pravana told Allure. “Walking out into the sun, with the simple heat from the sun, makes the color shift. Any gust of wind can change it again and reverse right back to its original color.” Depending on what particular color is used, anything that [More]
A home-video of something Taylor Swift did last weekend is going viral, and you’ll understand why. She was filmed visiting a young boy battling cancer, named Jordan Lee Nickerson, at Boston Children’s Hospital. This wasn’t any ordinary drop-by. In the video, posted on Facebook by Jordan’s father on Sunday, the celebrity can be seen sitting on the floor with little Jordan and chatting to him about Spider Man and his favorite songs. She then offers to play him a tune on her guitar and encourages him to sing and dance with her. She ends up singing her song ‘We Are Never [More]