One of the hardest things about getting a dog is making sure they’re trained. Without knowing basic commands, your dog could run off and not come back when you call. Plus, knowing sit and stay can be really useful for keeping the pup’s bum off your guests and away from any human food. Obedience takes a lot of work but it’s so worth it. Just ask Augusto Deoliveira, a dog trainer who knows how to get our furry friends to really listen. If you think getting one dog to obey your commands is difficult, you’ll be amazed by what he [More]
(image source; WGGT) A former police officer was arrested outside of the White House on Sunday, September 23 after authorities found an “arsenal of weapons” in his vehicle. 37-year-old Timothy Joseph Bates of Collierville, Tennessee was complaining about a “chip in his head” and was hoping to speak with Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis about having it removed. D.C. police officers suspected Bates had been urinating in public when they first approached him near the intersection of 17th St. and Pennsylvania Avenue around 7:15 AM according to local Fox affiliate WGGT 5. Bates, whose pants were still unzipped, [More]
It’s a good thing these guys got this on camera because if they didn’t no one would believe them. They were doing some fishing in Cape Cod Bay when finely one of them started reeling in a big one. Unfortunately something else was eyeing that exact fish and it wasn’t happy humans were taking its lunch. I thought these kind of things only happened in the movies so you can the surprise when I saw this massive predator approaching their boat. They may have lost their catch and an opportunity for a good photo but the footage they got instead [More]
Çka ka shpija – Episodi 18 – Humor Shqip HD Qka ka shpija epsiodi 18
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We try out the awesome Star Wars Science toys by Uncle Milton, the force lightning energy ball, the death star electronics lab and the Darth Vader light saber room light. Did you enjoy this video? Here are some other videos we think you might like. Operation Slime Challenge: Coke and Mentos Challenge: Lip Retractor Challenge: Fast Food Fondue Challenge: Rainbow Ice Bath Challenge: Never Have I Ever: Twisted Twister: Hungry Hungry Hippos Game Twist: Family Lip Retractor Challenge: You can send fanmail! Jake and Ty P.O. Box 6792 N. Logan, Utah [More]
Click to unmute Topi the Corgi works hard to keep his social media presence up to date, leaving little time for dating. Naturally, he still hasn’t had the chance to settle down. Enter Tinder. It seems like a perfect solution for the three-year-old pup, seeking to meet some ladies. But is it?