I’ll admit it — I’ve never had a bloomin’ onion. Just the calorie count on the popular appetizer turns me off…but honestly, now that I know it’s easy to make them at home, I kind of want to try one. Maybe it’s just the fact that at home, I can control just what goes into the recipe…perhaps I finally understand how delicious they look. Either way, if you’ve never tried the savory side (or maybe it’s your favorite), you have to check this simple dish out! googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); }); Here’s what you need! Ingredients: 1 onion 1 1/2 cups [More]
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Starting January 1, 2018 gun owners in California must either register their AR-15s as “assault weapons” or convert them to fixed-magazine rifles. Fortunately the Patriot-Pin is now on sale and will save thousands of gun owners from the utterly insane gun-laws of the bluest blue state. The Patriot Pin combined with an AR MagLock circumvents the new gun law. The simple system allows the magazine to fall freely after the upper and lower are separated by a basic hinge. As an added bonus, weapons using the Patriot-Pin are technically fixed-magazine rifles, meaning collapsible stocks, forward grips, flash suppressors, and pistol [More]
If you’ve got an AR-15 lower then you’re only $1,450 away from owning a mag fed .50 BMG. The good folks over at Safety Harbor Firearms will be happy to set up a .50 cal platform for almost the same cost of an actual Barrett. This is perfect for the any custom build AR enthusiast collection. The post AR-15 gets the mag-fed .50 BMG upgrade appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
The video was supposedly recorded back in 2007, but it has recently gone viral again. Little information can be confirmed about who was involved in this video. Some sources claim the soldier is an unidentified sergeant. Other sources claim the man speaking is then Captain, now Major Ravi Wagh, who was at one point the brigade executive officer for the 177th Military Police, Michigan Army National Guard. While we may not know his true identity, his displeasure with the local Iraqi police force is clear as day. Please let us know if you have any more information about this video. [More]
A Tumblr user from Colorado has sent the whole Internet rolling on the floor laughing, and has challenged the message behind a popular meme with a family story that is not to be missed. Over the last few years, memes have been popping up everywhere that show a photo of a woman seeming to be from the early 1900’s juxtaposed with a modern-day Instagram shot. The captions describe the older photo as ‘pics of your grandma that you find in 2016,’ and the latter as ones you would find 70 years from now. The point, arguably, is to demonstrate that [More]
Check out the Etsy Store! http://etsy.me/2zDprP9 Check out the Ebay Store! http://ebay.to/2yBrkLM ___ Hey! I hope you’re all having a fantastic day, and that you’re ready for day 5 of Rowanstar’s week! The scene my sister Rachel is going to be drawing today is of Rowanstar being all arrogant and refusing Bramblestar’s help with ShadowClan’s kittypet problem. I’ll read the scene to you now. It’s on pages 292 through 295 of Bramblestar’s Storm. … Well. At least Rowanstar’s willing to admit that his medicine cat needs Leafpool’s help to keep his cats alive. I think it’s funny that Rowenstar is [More]
There was really nothing better than hanging out in the kiddie pool on hot summer afternoons when I was little. And most kiddos today would probably agree. It’s an easy way to entertain the little ones for hours while making sure that they stay cool. But when the mother in this video started getting her kids ready for a dip, she quickly changed her mind when she noticed a particularly huge pool crasher dropping by. Before she knew it, a huge bear had seized the opportunity to get its feet wet. Youtube / ViralHog The cutie even decided to play [More]