I would like to start off first by saying thank you so CuteSmiles83 for awarding me tied for first place for round 1! Hope I do well second round as well! And also good job to everyone in the first round; there were so many impressive entries!! 😀 Not my best work, not gonna lie. I still don’t think I’m that good at humor, but I tried! But I’m not backing out of the Gotham challenge no way! Once I start something like this, I finish it! So I’m still going to give it my all in this contest! I [More]
Modern special effects are so special entire films can be shot entirely on a green screen. If a stunt is too difficult, actors and stunt men can be replaced with CGI copies of themselves, but that hasn’t always been the case. Back in the early days of the silver screen, actors and stunt men literally put their lives on the line to make a film. Live ammunition was often used in the days before pyrotechnics. Even after the advent of squibs, some directors preferred the use of live ammunition through the 1930s and 40s. Special sharp shooters were hired to [More]
Decorating a home’s exterior with Christmas lights is a time-honored tradition for many families. Each year the internet if filled with incredible works of art as creative households find new ways to out-do themselves. This year one family in Lafayette, California went above and beyond to create a giant light-up Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars film franchise. Their labor of love required the help from everyone in their family plus a few friends. The giant ship was constructed by hand from lumber, PVC pipe, 630 feet of lights, and an old parachute. The Falcon replica is nearly 29-feet long [More]
In many ways Nuremberg, Germany is just like any other old European cities, beautiful cathedrals and medieval architecture blends in with the modern day street performers and tourists. On YouTube, however, it will forever be known as the stage for one of the most amazing flash mobs ever. Back in June 2014 among many buskers on the streets of Nuremberg, there was one who was a bit different. Wearing a tuxedo and holding a cello, he didn’t get a lot of attention until one little girl approached him and started playing a flute. Then, it’s as if the entire city [More]
Back in 2013 when this couple’s son was born without arms and legs, they knew his childhood would be full of challenges. They knew they’d have to wait a while longer before he reaches some milestones. Fast forward 4 years and the family recorded a miracle while they were decorating a Christmas tree. Camden was walking. He managed to balance himself up and carefully swing and twist his body making slow but sure progress towards his dad. There’s no stopping this boy. Disability is only a state of mind and with parents this supportive, there’s nothing Camden can’t do. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
Daniel Harmon is an American writer, producer, voice actor, and all-around cool guy He’s the creator of popular show Rick and Morty A fan on Twitter recently asked him a personal, but important question… And he came back with the best possible response It pretty much left us all ‘kinda star struck rn’ It turns out, his words helped more than just the person he wrote to Would you give Harmon’s advice to someone struggling? Tell us below!
While the paparazzi are often harshly vilified by the media, celebrities, and onlookers alike, a new exhibit at the Centro Italiano per la Fotografia in Turin presents their controversial work as a unique art form. The term ‘paparazzo’ (plural: paparazzi) was introduced to the world via Walter Santesso’s role as a persistent news photographer in Federico Fellini’s iconic 1960 film, La Dolce Vita. This started both a cultural ‘Golden Age’ in Italy, and a rampant international increase in brazen cameramen invading the personal space of celebrities for that perfect, intimate, newsworthy shot. Some stars were flattered, while others became violent. [More]
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Check out the Etsy Store! http://etsy.me/2zDprP9 Check out the Ebay Store! http://ebay.to/2yBrkLM … Howdy, partner! I can hardly believe today is day 7 of Harestar! Our last Clan leader. Yeah. Yeah. I know there’s SkyClan – but I plan on coming back to them after the Vision of Shadows series is completed. I think we’ll have more to go off of then. And truly. I’m just ready to start medicine cats. They have fun lives – and hold a lot of everyone favorite characters! But – alas we must first finish Harestar’s final day. Where is actually CLAN LEADER now. [More]