Giving $20 to a woman who ran out of gas in the bad neighborhood may not sound like a big deal, but if those $20 are all you got, then it newsworthy. Kate McClure ran out of gas in the middle of the night as she was driving home when a homeless man approached her. Johnny Bobbitt was sleeping under a bridge nearby when he decided to help. Grateful, the woman immediately started searching for ways to help him back. She started a GoFundMe campaign for him and the response was tremendous. Her little fundraising campaign is turning into a [More]
Ah, the holidays. It’s a time when families come together, lost connections are reignited, and siblings report what they’ve accomplished thus far to their eager parents. If you’re ‘that sibling,’ the one who can only get a “that’s nice, dear” out of mom, this post is about to be more relatable than you can probably handle. Twitter user Emily Seawright recently posted her family’s Christmas card for this year, and it’s as savage as it is hilarious. One of her sisters? Engaged. The other? Expecting. Her? Well, there was really only word to describe it, and we’re guessing it made [More]
Undeniable with Joe Buck welcomes eighth guest and Hall of Fame Center, David Robinson. In this #UndeniableShow moment, David talks about leadership. Tune in at 8pm ET/PT on Wednesday, December 6th for more. #AUDIENCESports Want more AUDIENCE Sports? Follow us at our social channels below: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
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